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Travel to Dogon Country (Mali)

by WCC on January 14, 2012

in Africa

Dogon Country (Bandiagara Plateau) is located in Mali, the area lies along the Bandiagara escarpment – a giant step, stretching for 150 miles across the plain, west of Mopti. Cities in Dogon Country are Bandiagara and Sanga.

dogon country mali Travel to Dogon Country (Mali)

dogon country mali

Dogon villages are flat (located at the top step on the part of Bandiagara ), and the most numerous and interesting – the mountain, located on the ledge. Mountain villages are difficult, they cling to a rock at a considerable height. There Dogon feel safe from wild animals and enemies. Currently, the mountain villages are uninhabited, below, on the plain construction of new villages where Dogon live and. But the old village still have homes have owners, adobe houses are in order. It is quite possible to walk there without a guide. If you wish, in any village for a penny you can get a guide for this country.

Getting to Dogon Country
The capital and gateway of the country Dogon – a city Bandiagara . Issues of transport it is desirable to decide in advance of arrival in Mali. Theoretically, from Mopti and Sevara to Bandiagara goes public transport, but it can wait a few days, he goes as far as is full (seats 20). Free places can be redeemed. You can take in Mopti taxi, for example to Kani Kombole (by the way still have to call in Dzhigibombo ). A single traveler can take motorcycle taxi.

dogon country village Travel to Dogon Country (Mali)

dogon country village

dogon country cliff house Travel to Dogon Country (Mali)

dogon country cliff houses

Transportation and Routes
Typically, travel in the country Dogon walk from south to north (to the sun shone in the back). The villages are located at a distance of 3-5 km from each other. Below, along the base of the ledge is a sandy road that sometimes go off-road vehicles. Another form of transport is not very common – with a donkey cart. With difficulty are motorcycles, but without passengers. But the walk interesting. In 3-4 days you can get to Duru (middle route), or turn out in Bandiagara or Dogon request drop off of Coro , whence walks transport in Burkina Faso . Or continue the path until the end of the route ( Sanga , another 3 days).

Almost every village has a hotel, the same feed: sauce (sometimes beef) with rice, pasta or couscous (a semolina a). Completely edible and cheap. There is a beer, cola, bottled water, on 1000CFA (1.5 euros).

dogon country landscape Travel to Dogon Country (Mali)

dogon country landscape

dogon country girl Travel to Dogon Country (Mali)

dogon country girl

dogon country culture Travel to Dogon Country (Mali)

dogon country culture

djenne mosque Travel to Dogon Country (Mali)

dogon country mosque

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