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Travel Guide to Yemen

by WCC on February 3, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to Yemen – The Yemen is located in the Middle East . Bordering countries are Saudi Arabia and Oman .Yemen is reached by air quite well. Lufthansa and Egypt Air (every Thursday), Royal Jordanian, Emirates Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Yemenia flight to Sana’a Haupststadt from Frankfurt.

Yemen Travel Guide to Yemen


Travel in Yemen may be useful only in the car or put on a motorcycle. The organization of traveling companions / drivers is possible through local agencies. Individual travel is (not to mention the security aspect) is not easy to control as many checkpoints and permits are the papers and here – is likely to have significant difficulties – at least without good language skills.

Is the official language (Yemen) Arabic. You can communicate with English very well, at least in the larger cities and areas that are affected by tourism. In bigger cities there are many small restaurants. Are offered rice, chicken, fish, vegetables and soups. Typical of Yemen are offering many juice bars, the refreshing juices from lemons, melons, strawberries, guavas and other fruits. The Yemeni national drink is heavily sweetened black tea.

yemen map Travel Guide to Yemen

yemen map

yemen flag Travel Guide to Yemen

yemen flag

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yemen emblem

Yemen city Travel Guide to Yemen

Yemen city

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