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Travel Guide to Vacation in Jamaica

by WCC on February 22, 2012

in North America

The Caribbean island of Jamaica lies south of Cuba and west of Hispaniola. Jamaica consists of the three counties of Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey. These are in turn subdivided into 14 parishes. Montego Bay – Travel Guide. Clarendon, May Pen’s headquarters, Hanover, Lucea is the administrative seat, Kingston, also called KSAc – Kingston-Saint Andrew Corporation, Manchester, Mandeville’s headquarters, Portland, administrative headquarters is in Port Antonio, Saint Andrew, this is the southernmost part of the capital, Kingston, Saint Ann, administrative headquarters is in St. Ann’s Bay, Saint Catherine, Spanish Town is the administrative seat, Saint Elizabeth, the administrative seat is Black River, Saint James, Montego Bay is the administrative seat, Saint Mary, seat of government is Port Maria, Saint Thomas, the administrative seat is Morant Bay, Trelawny, head office is Falmoth, Westmoreland is Savanna-La headquarters-Mar.

jamaica Travel Guide to Vacation in Jamaica


Some Jamaican tourists prefer vacation resorts. Quite a few of these departments have an all-inclusive program. This means that you pay only for the room as well as for food, drink and entertainment in advance.
The tourist areas are next to Montego Bay, particularly Negril , but also in Ocho Rios , Runaway Bay and Port Antonio . In addition, the region sought to Treasure Beach with individual, small hotels and guesthouses to accommodate tourists.

The island was developed by Columbus on his second voyage on 5th Discovered in May 1494 and named Santiago. On his fourth voyage in 1503, he suffered shipwreck on the coast and the Indians led by a lunar eclipse prediction to support him with food. 1509, the island was captured by the Spaniards in possession, and in 1560 was already exterminated the native population almost entirely. Jamaica was taken in 1655 and 1659 by the British formally ceded to them. 1962 was given the island its independence. Deteriorating economic conditions in the 1970s led to an increase in crime rate and a decline in tourist arrivals. After the dismissal of the Socialists in 1980, subsequent governments attempted to open up the country economically. In the nineties, especially corruption interfered with the democratic process in the country.

dominican republic beaches Travel Guide to Vacation in Jamaica

dominican republic beaches

Aufgund dependence on the former colonial power Britain and the still ongoing membership of the Commonwealth, the Head of State Queen Elizabeth II. The north east coast is steep, the southern coast of varied designs and surrounded by reefs. The interior is a picturesque hill country, which reaches into the densely forested Blue Mountains an altitude of 2,256 m. In between, there are also always open plains with agriculture.

jamaica beaches Travel Guide to Vacation in Jamaica

jamaica beaches

The climate is characterized by uniformity. In Kingston the mean temperature of 26 ° C year with a difference of 3.1 degrees between the coldest and warmest month. In Newcastle, 1.211m above sea level. NN., The respective figures 19.4 ° and 3.9 ° C. Ice is formed only on the highest peaks, and only very rarely. The annual rainfall is 1,220 mm in Kingston, Newcastle 900 mm and is the most considerable in May and October. In Jamaica, from June to November hurricane season. It has to be reckoned with tropical storms, heavy rains and possibly also with landslides. Travelers should follow regional weather forecasts and follow the instructions of local security authorities.

jamaica hotels Travel Guide to Vacation in Jamaica

jamaica hotels

Both at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston and the Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, the daily number of international flights. The airport in the capital of Kingston is primarily used by business travelers. The airport on the north coast of Montego Bay is the hub for tourism. There are smaller airports in Westkingston, Negril, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio. These are used by smaller planes like the served by Air Jamaica and also serve as a landing place for small private aircraft or rental.

jamaica hotels and resorts Travel Guide to Vacation in Jamaica

The ports of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, and very occasionally be visited by cruise ships. In Montego Bay, it can be during the season several vessels in the week in Ocho Rios to be three ships a day. The Port of Kinston is a pure cargo port.

jamaica islands Travel Guide to Vacation in Jamaica

jamaica islands

In Jamaica, on the left. The principal means of transportation in Jamaica are bus and minibus. These vehicles are often in poor technical condition. Traveling with an official authorized taxi (vehicle with a red license plate PP) is more likely to recommend, the price should be negotiated in any case before departure. If you travel by car you only need an international driver’s license. Cars can be rented since 2008 but only with automatic transmission. Driving on the highway should be avoided at all costs after dark. Rental car to get in Montego Bay and Kingston at the airport include Avis, Budget, Hertz, and Iceland Car Rental.

montego bay jamaica Travel Guide to Vacation in Jamaica

montego bay jamaica

The speed limit in towns is 50 km / h (30 mph) and 80 km / h (50 mph) outside. Caution: Jamaican cars are not supported by TUV shall review, as in Germany, it may be possible to turn signals and brake lights are broken. Warning: it can happen again and again, that goat, donkey or cow along laufern on the road, especially in rural areas. Last note, the Jamaican police regularly (!) By roadside checks, it is not only the vehicle documents are checked. For speed control radar guns are used. Frenzied native drivers should not be a role model.

travel and vacation in jamaica Travel Guide to Vacation in Jamaica

travel and vacation in jamaica

In Jamaica is English and Patois (a creole) spoken. English is official language, patois, the unofficial language of Jamaicans. Tourists have to assume that spoken on the island and most hotels no German or understood.
The Jamaicans distinguishes between the “Oxford English” popularly known as Queen’s language and called Jamaican language . In addition to many language quirks and peculiarities which are known in the patois, there are also unmistakable. The Germans are unpopular with “th” is referred to in Jamaica as a simple “t”. The second feature is the “a” in the English spoken language, it sounds like “ä”, the Jamaicans say the “a” is like a “a”.

The Jamaican cuisine is shaped by many influences. It found both African, Indian and Chinese and British influences in it again. Generally, we like to eat “hot”, and typically in the preparation of food is the use of coconuts. A special culinary specialty is “ackee”, a tree fruit, the yellow flesh with salt fish, onions, spices and tomatoes stewed with “fried dumplings” or “johnnycakes” (fried dumplings) and fried plantains are eaten primarily for breakfast. “Ackee and Salt Fish” is something like the national dish of Jamaica. In each lunch there is “patties” to buy puff pastry with various fillings sharp. At the roadside offer improvised kitchens stews like “chicken foot soup”, “pepperpot” goat curry “rice and peas” (rice with red beans) and the popular “chicken jerk” and “jerk pork” (spicy marinated chicken and pork in the oil drum grilled) on. The “jerk” is then the purchase with an ax chopped, including skin and bone. The diet of many Jamaicans is in large part from so-called food, making jam, sweet potatoes are boiled green bananas and dumplings meant. A special treat is the fried breadfruit. Among the fruits there are different mango varieties including, papayas, pineapples, avocados, Soursap, oranges, limes, lemons and tamarind. Sugar cane can be bought piecemeal and sucking out the sweet juice from the woody fibers. An important role is played by fish of all kinds. On the beaches frequented by locals all the fried fish with “festival”, a delicious pastry of fried Maismehlteig be offered. During the fishing season (the months with R – September to April) there can be partially favorable to the American lobster “lobster” to eat. A special drink is “berry punch”, a mix of Guinness beer and sweet milk. The beer brewed in Jamaica is called “red stripe”. Popular soft drinks are “went strawberry” and various Fruchtlimonden and frozen fruit drinks, which are primarily offered by hawkers in buses.

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