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Travel Guide to United Arab Emirates

by WCC on February 3, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to United Arab Emirates – The United Arab Emirates are in the Middle East .The only way to reach the emirate, as long as you do not want to spend very much time there, by plane. There are flight connections, among others, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich to Dubai and from Berlin and Dusseldorf to Abu Dhabi.

united arab emirates Travel Guide to United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates

A visa is not for German and other Western foreigners needed. When the territory is indeed granted a visa, but there is only one entry stamp, entitled to a stay of up to 30 days in the United Arab Emirates. There is no fee and no forms must also be completed. Full details and entry procedures for eligible countries see . Currently (as of 01/2008) can be tolerated, according to request from the consular section of the UAE embassy passports with Israeli entry stamp. Since the change may, however, one should seek for a trip a relevant information, otherwise the entry will be denied.

There are some bus services between major cities and Oman should still be the normal tourist, if he wants to see something of the country, rent a car. The traffic in Dubai and the surrounding area is very dense, it can be expected very long journeys. Once you leave this field he is very thin jeodch. The highways are mostly four lanes. The Emiratis usually go relatively civilized, but there are more frequent than in Europe reckless road users. So it can happen that one is quite outdated at night without a light on the right car at high speed. Fuel is very cheap. Gasoline is sold mostly per gallon. The allowable Höchtgeschwindigkeit is 120 km / h – the car most have a built-in alarm bell that rings any greater unmistakable. Otherwise, it is wise anyway to comply with the limits for radars there is much more common than in Germany. For car rentals in all emirates except Dubai need an international driver’s license.

The official language is Arabic. The Emirates is a very international country. Auxiliary, temporary workers and professionals from abroad make up about 70% of the population (80% of Dubai). A communication in English is almost always in the cities, mostly in rural areas possible. At least on the coast to get by with English throughout the day.

The kitchen in the UAE is very versatile. Especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will find a variety of different international restaurants. Most are housed in hotels and therefore more expensive than regular restaurants. This also usually applies a special dress code, meaning no open shoes for men and no shorts or sneakers. Highly recommended is a visit to the Lebanese that you can end it comfortably with a hookah. The Emiraties are also pronounced coffee drinkers. Sun chains such as Starbucks are so omnipresent, especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The Vereinigeten Arab Emirates is a desert region. Therefore prevail there also (especially in the summer) temperatures over 40 degrees. During the winter months it is more pleasant. Contrary to many expectations, the air along the coast in summer is very humid. From what little precipitation 70-80% fall in winter, the rest falling in summer evaporates, often on the way to the ground.

During the winter months the temperatures keep in a frame of 10 to 30 ° C, mid-value of 20 ° C. In certain regions, one can easily swim in the winter because the water temperature there ranges from 25 to 29 degrees holds. In summer the heat in combination with high relative humidity almost unbearable (approximately 38 ° C at 80% humidity). On the west coast, the temperature drops at night but not below 26 degrees, it is usually around 30 degrees. During the day heats up the coast to 38 – to 45 degrees, teiwleise about it. The humidity is quite high, the weather feels moist (humid) on. The east coast is very humid and stuffy in the summer. At night there is often no less than 30 degrees, the temperature during the day leigt usually 35-40 degrees. The air here is much more humid than in the Persian Gulf. In the desert, is the temperature in summer rarely below 20 degrees (excluding high-altitude regions of times), the day the temperatures usually move at 45 degrees or above. The humidity is relatively low, so this comes up is usually no humidity. Water temperature in the winter months: minimum 20 ° C, maximum 30 ° C. Average of 25 ° C. Wasstertemperatur in the summer months: minimum 26 ° C, maximum 35 ° C. An average of 31 ° C.

united arab emirates map Travel Guide to United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates map

united arab emirates flag Travel Guide to United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates flag

united arab emirates dubai downtown Travel Guide to United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates dubai downtown

united arab emirates dubai Travel Guide to United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates dubai

united arab emirates building Travel Guide to United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates building

united arab emirates at night Travel Guide to United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates at night

united arab emirates al burj hotel Travel Guide to United Arab Emirates

united arab emirates al burj hotel

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