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Travel Guide to Tunisia

by WCC on February 20, 2012

in Africa

Travel Guide to Tunisia – Tunisia is the northernmost country of Africa . It is from Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast. Italy ( Sicily ) is only 140 km from the peninsula of Cap Bon removed. Major destinations are Tunis , Nabeul, Hammamet, Kairouan, Sousse, Monastir, Tabarka.

tunisia pool Travel Guide to Tunisia

tunisia pool

Another important goal is the island of Djerba. Especially interesting ruins in the north of the Romans and Byzantines have seen. In the south, and Douz oasis Nefta are very attractive. The magic of the desert with the taste of fresh fruits is always worth a visit.
To the south is mentioned in some of the Karl May novels Chott El Jerid . Extends over 200 kilometers of the salt desert of the Algerian border and almost to the Mediterranean. Millions of years before the current sub-field of ancient seas covered. When the Mountains auffalteten, most of the water flowed from the Mediterranean Sea, only to sink without a drain to the sea water was left behind, this is how the Chott . Mirages, is a deceptively shimmering water surface in all colors, it is pure fascination and it was not an admission fee.
There are several attractions in Tunisia. In particular, – scattered all over the country – original locations of scenes from the Star Wars films to find.

Getting to Tunisia
There are international airports are in Tunis (Tunis-Carthage), Monastir (Monastir-Habib Bourguiba and Skanès) Djerba and Tabarka on the east coast to the north. Other international airports are Sfax and Tozeur-Nafta-Thyna. The plan is a large airport in Enfidhaville, should surpass all others. Between Hammamet and Sousse is Enfidhaville. Flight time Monastir Munich: approx 2:20 hours.

For arrivals by car ferry, the following are available: Genoa , La Spezia , Marseille and Naples – Tunis Since the journey by car takes about a day, it may be interesting also to look around a bit in these cities. As experience shows that many want to visit Tunisians living abroad during the summer, her home, it is advisable to attend to early for a seat.

tunisia tourism Travel Guide to Tunisia

tunisia tourism

tunisia africa Travel Guide to Tunisia

tunisia africa

Travelling by boat is through free trip to Genoa and from there take the ferry CTN “Cathage” (Tunisian shipping company) to Tunis in the port of La Goulette. Travel time approximately 21-24 hours.

Mobility and Language
In Tunisia on their own without a car on the way to be, is not a problem. Public transport is mainly based on so-called Louages ​​. A Louage is the typical African taxi, bus, or a combination with 9 seats. In Tunisia, however, they are well organized and really take only as many passengers with as seats available. In every major city there is a right Louage station, often marked even with “platforms”. Are always helpful and the drivers show you the Louage in the desired direction. Rarely have to wait until one is full and leaves. The prices are fixed tariff, but it does not hurt before the driver about the price to ask in order to avoid subsequent hype. Get off the past is no problem, but then you pay the price for the entire route. In smaller towns to set themselves on the street, waiting for a Louage passes, which still has a place and take one free – but that’s often a matter of luck. Anyone starting later pays only for the distance traveled leg. Many Louage drivers in sparsely populated areas are also willing to make appointments, collect an example on the way back to a particular location again. Between major cities such as Sfax-Gafsa-Douz-Sousse, there are express buses that pass through without stopping. They are somewhat expensive, but it comes in a short time across the country. The Sousse-Tunis route takes about 2 hours so that the distance Douz-Sousse about 5h. The express buses are also on the Louage from stations.

The official language is Arabic, Tunisian Arabic is the colloquial language that is different from other Arabic dialects. Anyone who speaks French will have no difficulty to cope in Tunisia. In the tourist centers of Monastir and Djerba many locals speak German.

tunisia beach Travel Guide to Tunisia

tunisia beach

tunisia resort Travel Guide to Tunisia

tunisian food Travel Guide to Tunisia

tunisian food

tunisian cuisine Travel Guide to Tunisia

tunisian cuisine

Buying and Accomodation in Tunisia
When food is not usually traded. The prices for souvenirs are often out of thin air, and hard bargaining is to remain fashionable. First, remain well below the price that you think is appropriate since it is usually traded up in no time and really can not go back. Rule of thumb (according to tour guide): 20 percent of the first-mentioned price. In some cases there were state shops with fixed prices that allow an orientation about the approximate price. for example, does a Holzschalenset at the hotel 30 dinars and the bazaar is the first price 120 dinars. That means you can start with 1/4 of the requested rates and let the dealer nor a healthy profit.

Tunisia is dominated by tourism. The hotel rooms are generally clean and comfortable. But you should note that a Tunisian 4-star hotel meets the highest European standards for a 2-star hotel.
When offering half board and means that it will be served at the breakfast and dinner drinks at no extra charge to do so.

tunisia sea Travel Guide to Tunisia

tunisia sea

tunisia hotel Travel Guide to Tunisia

tunisia hotel

tunisia beach 2 Travel Guide to Tunisia

tunisia beach

tunisia flag Travel Guide to Tunisia

tunisia flag

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