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Travel Guide to Syria

by WCC on February 2, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to Syria – Syria is in the Middle East . Neighboring countries are Turkey , the Iraq , Jordan , Israel and Lebanon .The oasis city of Palmyra (Tadmor also called), an important city on the Silk Road.

syria Travel Guide to Syria


The Krak des Chevaliers is an impressive and very well-preserved Crusader castle about 35 km west of Homs Resort of Ras al Basit , north of Lattakia, about 15 km from the Turkish border. Bays with lots of shade, as surrounded by forest. The beach itself and the whole area is heavily polluted by Syrian standards, in the sea, into which the sewage of the town be taken, driving debris. Ras Al Basit is an elongated spot, and the coast road is built over many kilometers with guesthouses, restaurants and shops. Western tourists are here to meet less frequently, but their popularity among Syrians and Arab tourists can hardly be overestimated. Only during Ramadan and during the low season it is likely to find secluded spots. The only hotel of the place is neat, but far overpriced. Inns and guest rooms are on the other hand it everywhere. Easy to find, as well signposted.

In Lattakia offers discerning tourist as well as its budget tourist accommodation. Camping is also available in Syria, outside of Aleppo named Kaddour, two of which are in Palmyra (Palmyra and Zenobia) outside Damascus and Homs highway in the direction which has existed for about 12 years Kaboun. Camping Zenobia in Palmyra is closed.

German nationals need a visa to enter. The visa is generally at the Syrian Embassy in Berlin or to apply for the Syrian Honorary Consul in Hamburg. An issue at the border is only possible for groups, working their German tour operator with a Syrian partner. The group travelers get a free visa. German who arrive without a visa must leave Syria regularly on the next plane back. If the passport Israeli entry stamp or entry stamps from border crossings, bordering Israel (border crossing Allenby-/König Hussein Bridge to Jordan or border crossing Taba (Sinai) to Egypt), the entry – even if the Syrian embassy has granted visas – denied. Affected people are sent back to Germany or the country of origin.

Important: Always carry your passport, since it is required when purchasing tickets for shorter Bus-/Bahnreisen (from approximately 50 km). In long lists are captured (by hand) at least passport number, name, date and destination. Therefore, always allow some time for the ticket purchase and protect the pass by a plastic sheet, because foreign passports are durchgefleddert with devotion.

The Syrian currency is the Pound (SYP). The subunit (piastres) has no meaning, the smallest coin in circulation is, has a value of 5 pounds. It should be noted that some large hotels the price in dollars of foreign demand – in smaller and medium-sized hotels but there is no problem to pay in SYP. Syria has now in all major cities on international ATMs , especially in Aleppo and Damascus in a density that is almost comparable to Western cities. Who travels not only in rural areas, will have no problem to withdraw cash. Rather, it is a problem, to get small change, since all traders actually give only very reluctantly, more than 200 or 300 pounds of change. Syrian pounds can only be bad back in foreign exchange, so that it is desirable that the only way to acquire many pounds as you actually need. Outside SYP Syria can change in some Arab countries in the local currency.

The souks (bazaars) and shoppers. Typical souvenirs include copper plates with different types of wood and mother of pearl inlaid boxes and backgammon game templates, rugs and towels, Dagger (the Arabic curved daggers;! Esteem, quality varies here much), leather goods like bags, sandals and purses, candy, and (genuine and so looking ) antiques. Also, old coins and archaeological objects are offered to tourists. If these are indeed real time (rather unlikely), then the export is strictly forbidden. The biggest choice you have in the old city of Damascus, not only in the covered streets like Via Recta or Souq al Hammidiyya, but also for example in the Christian Quarter (especially antiques). The souk of Aleppo is famous. In the tourist areas frequented by the souks a negotiating leeway of 50% is not uncommon, especially since the above mentioned are souvenirs from mass production and are of low value. Those familiar with the matter may, however, save money on Handwerkersouks. Otherwise, of course, every place has its souk for the everyday consumer goods and food. Caution: Thursdays, the most “stores” already against three clock Friday afternoon and are fully closed.

syria ruins Travel Guide to Syria

syria ruins

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syria bosra theater

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