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Travel Guide To Singapore

by WCC on January 17, 2012

in Asia

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia . Singapore was built in 1819 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles as a trading post by the East India Company. Until 1959 there was then a British colony, joined in 1963 with Malaysia , but withdrew two years later from the composite returns and was an independent republic. Gradually, Singapore grew to become one of the most successful countries (its port is one of the largest in the world) with firm international trade relations and a per capita gross national product, which resembles that of the leading nations of Western Europe. While you can certainly be of the opinion that Singapore’s own originality and a symbol (such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Burj al-Arab hotel in Dubai) is missing, nothing Nevertheless, Singapore is – as the slogan “Uniquely Singapore” the Tourist offices promises – unique in every way and an ideal place for an exciting and relaxing vacation!

singapore city Travel Guide To Singapore

singapore city

Although Singapore’s size, it does not necessarily suggesting that the country has to offer but a lot of interesting things. One can easily spend an exciting holiday in Singapore, of more than a few days will take (this is the moment the average residence time of a Singapore-travelers). Moreover, it’s worth taking out of Singapore trips to nearby islands and spend a few quiet hours. Among the islands swimming Iceland Kusu , St. John’s Iceland , Iceland Lazarus and the Sister Islands , which put the visitors sometimes even showers or BBQ places are available and are very clean (very typical of Singapore). In the north of Singapore can Pulau Ubin , Singapore’s second largest island ( Sentosa ) and visit there to experience unspoiled nature.

It also makes sense, a Singapore-trip with a beach holiday in Indonesia and Malaysia combined. Singapore, for example, is far from the Indonesian island of Bintan , which is still a virtually untouched vacation paradise, as well as the Maly’s Tioman Island . These islands are very good and cheap to get comfortable fast boats from Singapore.

sky park singapore Travel Guide To Singapore

sky park singapore

In Singapore, the traveler has the opportunity to experience Asia in a single country, because the people of Singapore are a colorful mixture of Chinese, Malays, Indians and many foreign workers and expatriates from all over the world. As a state that is known for its strict laws and punishments known everywhere, Singapore enjoys partly a rather boring reputation, but the “Switzerland of Asia” for many a welcome respite from the poverty, chaos and crime, which in so many parts of the Asian continent prevail. But Singapore has more to offer: First and foremost is certainly the legendary Singaporean food. In so-called hawker centers offer (mostly former street vendor) unbeatably cheap food from all countries in Asia. In addition, Singapore is a shopper’s paradise, because the shopping meccas like Orchard Road or Suntec City invite you to unlimited spending.

singapore skyline Travel Guide To Singapore

singapore skyline

Not least, it should be noted that social restrictions have eased in recent years more and more and now it is even possible to have fun when bungee jumping or table dancing. 2009 will also be open the first casino, as part of Singapore’s new campaign for “fun and entertainment,” with which one wants to double the number of tourists and increase their length of stay. And I will in the future there will certainly be more actions, which are from Singapore, “Fine-State” to the “Fun-state” transform.

singapore night Travel Guide To Singapore

singapore night

Singapore’s official languages ​​are English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil . English is spoken by almost every / r Singaporeans / spoken in under 40, who described as “Singlish” dialect may be difficult to understand, because even words and phrases (and sometimes the sentence structure) from other languages, especially Chinese, are used. This complex sentence structures are often simplified, plurals disappear, verb conjugations are replaced by adverbs, questions are adapted to the Chinese syntax and strange particles (especially the infamous “lah”) appear:

singapore food Travel Guide To Singapore

singapore food

Singapore is a melting pot of cuisines from around the world and a culinary journey! The multi-ethnic state is a paradise for gourmets, offering a unique selection of flavors: Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean dishes. As wide as the variety of flavors, so varied is the range of restaurants in the city-state. The local cuisine can be best tested in the simple food stalls of hawker centers or food courts, where local dishes are very fast and inexpensive (a dish only costs a few dollars) served. In the luxurious air-conditioned restaurants and hotels you can find excellent Kulinaria from around the world, but at a higher price.

singapore merlion Travel Guide To Singapore

singapore merlion

singapore beach Travel Guide To Singapore

singapore beach

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