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Travel Guide to Seoul

by WCC on January 12, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to Seoul – Seoul is divided into 25 districts which were converted in 1988 by mere administrative units for the city government in politically autonomous districts. Since 1995, each of these districts has its own, the popularly elected mayor, is relatively autonomous and is partially independent and economically important city centers trained. The 25 districts (gu) are in 522 neighborhoods (dong) and ban them again in 13 787 102 796 tong and divided.

seoul Travel Guide to Seoul


Getting there By Aircraft

The ultra-modern Incheon International Airport (ICN) is located about 52 km west of the center of Seoul. The quickest route from the airport to Seoul is the express AREX between Incheon and Seoul Station via Gimpo Airport dar. The travel time Incheon Airport Seoul station is only a scant five minutes (by express train, usually about an hour) and so much shorter than the buses. Fare for a single trip in the Express is 13,300 KRW (about 9 EUR). In addition, there are still on the track “commuter” trains that stop at many stations where you can transfer to the subway system. Alternatively, the city of Seoul from the airport and accessible by bus. The cost per person, and easier route to start, depending on destination and class comfort at about 4€.


One of the largest shopping malls located in the coex-building, which is also host to many great shows. Metro line 2 to “Samseong ‘. With the metro line 1 station: take you directly to San Yong Park Mall. Open daily 10.30 bis 20.00 clock clock (clock 20.30 weekends) with a large electronics department. For everyday items are usually not worth it in one of the major supermarkets go, although these are also found in the inner city (for example, directly at the main station). The better choice is one of the 24-Convinientstores of 7-Eleven or Family Mart.

seoul map Travel Guide to Seoul

seoul map


Seoul is littered with large and small restaurants serving mainly local cuisine. Most restaurants that specialize in one type of meal, are in a restaurant as it only pasta dishes, stews and in another the next, etc. For Grilled Sprachunkundige it is very helpful that the food offered in different sized photos, most directly with Pricing will be presented. So you can choose to purchase before entering the right place and the right food. Free water at every meal will be provided. It is not necessarily expected to order another drink with your meal.

seoul food Travel Guide to Seoul

seoul food

Getting used to for Central Europeans – but highly recommended – certainly the mobile tented restaurants. Although they are found repeatedly in the same place, but only in the evening. Do not expect that someone there speaks English, but you can eat the fish and seafood offered there reassured. Communicate with the interpretation of individual foods or ask in the tent, if any can help the guests present.

For connoisseurs Korea is a lavish paradise – many refer to it as the France of Asia. Numerous types of vegetables and seafood, prepared in many different ways refined and flavored with various spices revealed not only a very tasty but also healthy eating. Basic components of each meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, have soup and rice. The soup is usually a clear broth, often with deposits such as bean sprouts, tofu, or otherwise. There are a variety of supplements, in the first place kimchi (spicy pickled vegetables) is a must at every meal. The other supplements are different vegetables, fish or meat preparations. Everything is eaten at the same time, either directly from the serving dishes or one lies down on a small portion of his rice bowl. The cutlery is made of a spoon for the soup and the rice and two metal rods for the stronger components. A knife is not needed, because usually everything is already cooked bite. Grill meat is then minced with a scissors ready set, while eg whole fish are perfectly split and boned for some exercise with sticks can. Most Korean dishes are quite spicy and depending on the predisposition of getting used to. If your stomach is sensitive, you eat spicy foods a lot of rice (order if an extra bowl), drink plenty of the free provided water (you will be happy to get a new bottle) and access mainly to in the mildly spiced side dishes.

seoul vacation Travel Guide to Seoul

seoul vacation

seoul tower Travel Guide to Seoul

seoul tower

seoul skyline Travel Guide to Seoul

seoul skyline

seoul night Travel Guide to Seoul

seoul night

seoul girls Travel Guide to Seoul

seoul girls

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