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Travel Guide to Osaka

by WCC on January 16, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to Osaka – Osaka is the central metropolis of the region of Kansai , and the capital of Osaka Prefecture . With about 7 million inhabitants it is the largest city in the region, whose inhabitants in a friendly manner with the residents of the region Kanto and in particular the capital Tokyo rival. Typical of Osaka and the region Kansai is in addition to the strong interest in baseball and the typical local dishes, the fact that the pedestrian traffic, especially on escalators to the right of movement applies (as opposed to the usual left-hand traffic, as practiced in most areas by pedestrians ).

osaka wallpaper Travel Guide to Osaka

osaka wallpaper

The best way to explore the Kansai region Kansai is the use of the tickets. It enables the use of buses and trains throughout Kansaigebiet. It should be noted that it was not for buses and trains of the former state-owned JR line is valid. However, this should be bearable, as the other train operators a similarly dense network in Osaka / Kansai and thus have yet everything can be achieved.

As the name suggests runs the JR Osaka Loop Line in a circle around the center of Osaka. She is overweight and not as heavily used as Tokyo’s Yamanote Line, but even here it can be quite busy in the wedding. Mainline stations are Umeda, Tennoji and Osaka Castle. Namba, Universal Studios Japan and Shin-Osaka with the JR Osaka Loop Line connected by branch. It should be noted that on the net on the JR Kansai Line, the ticket has no validity.

osaka japan Travel Guide to Osaka

osaka japan

Next to the power of JR line, there are a variety of other private railways, which some have a not insignificant railway network and the suburbs of Osaka’s connected to the center but also in the surrounding cities such as Kyoto , Kobe , Nara and Wakayama lead. For one thing, the Hankyu Line , which caters mainly for the northern area of Osaka. The lines all start at the Hankyu Umeda Station and partly lead to Kyoto (Kawaramachi Umeda), Takarazuka (Umeda – Takarazuka) or Kobe (Osaka – Kobe)). In addition to these main lines there are still a large number of secondary lines. In the Network of Hankyu Line Kansai is the ticket.

Runs east from the Osaka Kintetsu Line . The lines start from the Kintetsu Namba Station. They connect with the eastern districts of Osaka but also lead to Nara and Ise (Ise-famous for the shrines). It is even possible to change to Nagoya to drive. In the network of the Kintetsu Line Kansai is the ticket. The area in the southern Osaka from the Nankai Line operated. The lines start at Namba (Nankai Namba Station) and lead up to Wakayama (Nankai Main Line) and Koya-San (Koya Line). In addition there are also several links to the Kansai International Airport. In the network of the Nankai Line is the Kansai ticket.

osaka city Travel Guide to Osaka

osaka city

Two areas are particularly emphasized in Osaka as shopping areas. In the north, the area around Umeda and Osaka Stations with the famous shopping mall “Hep Five” and a tangle of surface and underground shopping streets. To the south is the area between Osaka and around the station Namba very strong thematically arranged by area of ​​interest. The main street, Mido-Suji, houses mainly upscale and prestigious shops of renowned luxury and lifestyle brands. Even a street parallel to the east is the famous shopping street Shinsaibashi-Suji (or even just “Shinsaibashi” although they actually only refers to the subway station in the north of the road) with a motley stores, similar to European shopping arcades. At this altitude, west of Mido-Suji is America-Mura, an area with all sorts of clothing, jewelry and shoe stores in the style of that Japanese young people to think what the American style.

osaka castle Travel Guide to Osaka

osaka castle

At the subway station Nipponbashi in the Nipponbashi-Suji, is “Den Den Town,” a street with all sorts of electronics stores in various sizes. A parallel street to the west you will find “Otatown” (based on “Otaku” named) for video games, anime and manga enthusiasts. Again, one block west to find household and restaurant supplies of all kinds around Namba, several multi-story department stores are located with a clear focus on consumer electronics.

osaka Travel Guide to Osaka


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