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Travel Guide to Oman

by WCC on January 31, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to Oman – Oman is located in the Middle East at the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula.Oman is bordered on the northwest by the United Arab Emirates , on the west by Saudi Arabia and the southwest by Yemen .

oman Travel Guide to Oman


Open border crossings exist only to the United Arab Emirates. There are no An-/Weiterreisemöglichkeit to Saudi Arabia and Yemen (here only small border traffic, not for tourists). A journey by land would be the most exciting possibility. Seems most reasonable route from the south-eastern Europe-Turkey-Syria-Jordan-Saudi Arabia-United Arab Emirates and Oman. However, the visa for Saudi Arabia is denied for non-Muslims generally. Alternatively it is possible to travel through Iran and from there cross over by boat. Want to go cross Traveller that Syria, Iran or Saudi Arabia /, and may not have an Israeli stamp in their passport in South Africa may have. However, one can also take a bus directly from Istanbul to Dubai if the conditions are right.

The necessary visa for Oman at the airport and the borders easily available. The fee is 20 OMR (about 40 €). Emirati dirham (AED) are accepted at the rate of 10:1. At the embassy in Berlin to get the visa is also within a day for 30 €. If you arrive by car from the UAE is important to note that is payable when leaving the UAE 20 AED and exit from the 2 OMR Oman departure tax. When leaving the area at the airport Musandam and do not pay taxes. The visa fee is by credit card at the borders and also accept cash.

There are no railways in Oman. Bus service between major cities in Oman is of the Oman National Transport Company offered. Between the capital region of Muscat and the Salalah in the south, domestic flights are offered. The cheapest trip type within the metropolitan area in Muscat are the many taxis and mini buses. A drive from Seeb (Airport) to Ruwi example, costs just 400 Baizas and no more. The buses leave from the main road. One has to be felt on the roadside by a show of hands. Warning: Keep small change. Tipping is not common and should not be introduced by tourists. Outside the metropolitan areas it can be very difficult to become a taxi / taxi to find.

In Oman, you can be very inexpensive enough. In addition, the food often cause even treats. The reasonably priced food is mostly dominated Indian. Here is dominated by spicy food. All of these small places are safe from the hygienic point of view. Hygiene inspections are carried out regularly by the authorities. Upon request, or even if you push with the names of the dishes you are-can directly take a look at the pot, and then decide. There are also menus almost everywhere in the English language. Traditionally is eaten by the locals with his right hand, serves as cutlery replacement bread. Tourists get almost anywhere without being asked cutlery passed – oh if not always appropriate in the compilation. The prices are relatively low, for 2 €, you can be well satisfied. Almost all restaurants offer delivery service or takeaway on.

Original Omani dishes are usually found only in places designated as such. The prices are somewhat higher. Can be extremely expensive hotel restaurants and bars with European or Asian cuisine. A pan-Arab staple foods are the dates, which can be bought in different varieties. They are not as extravagant as the expensive Saudi Dates, Omani Dates so are an excellent and fairly inexpensive pleasure. Moreover, they are extremely rich in trace elements. Classically, dates to strong Arab tea will be served. In Salalah, one should not miss the pleasure of coconuts. Highly recommended are also prepared fresh fruit juices, which are found on many menus.

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