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Travel Guide to Lebanon

by WCC on January 30, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to Lebanon – The Republic of Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East . It has a long coastline in the west to the Mediterranean and also in the east a long border to the much larger neighbor Syria . Not a limit set in the south of the country also shares with Israel .

lebanon Travel Guide to Lebanon


For entry into Lebanon is a visa required, which is also available at the airport in Beirut. You go first to the visa desk and pay there, then go to the passport control. If you have less than 48 hours in Lebanon, you can also go straight to one of the two switches on the left, where you can get a transit visa stamped in the passport free of charge. In any case, first fill out an immigration card (supplied from the control area).

Upon entry into a residence under four weeks of 5 / 2010 for the visa at the airport was free.┬áThe passport must be no approval of the State of Israel, or Jordanian / Egyptian stamp on a country-Israel border crossing, contain – the frontiersman browse page by page through the pass and send back anyone who submits such a passport!

Round for the small size can pass through Lebanon from north to south in just three hours. The principal means of transport are buses, taxis and private cars. When traveling by taxi you should negotiate the price beforehand to avoid surprises. From the airport to downtown Beirut taxi costs about 25 USD to fall (2005). Within the city must also reckon with for smaller trips about $ 10 taxi fare.

The Lebanese cuisine is the most famous of the Arab world. Very well known are the appetizers, called mezze, which lead from eggplant puree on small dough rolls filled up with raw pureed Fleischdipp. Also, in all variants Grilled with sauces, vegetarian falafel and many other culinary delights invite for dinners.

Lebanon is visited by many tourists from the Gulf States. The list of hotels is so great and offers something for every taste and budget and your needs. Very reasonable rates obtained during Ramadan. Especially at the turn of the numerous 5-star hotels are almost always fully booked. When selecting a suitable accommodation should be strictly observed the situation. Due to heavy traffic and the mostly older cars, the air smells just in Downtown Beirut strongly of petrol. If you focus on peace and good air, you should give priority to a hotel on the water. If you drive in winter for skiing in the mountains and ski areas around the cedar forest, you should book early. Here we recommend the Lebanese tour operator packages that include transfers from the airport.

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lebanon skyline

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