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Travel Guide to Kuwait

by WCC on January 30, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to Kuwait  - Kuwait is located in the Middle East . Neighboring countries are Iraq and Saudi Arabia .

kuwait Travel Guide to Kuwait


Besides the capital, there is little to see in Kuwait. Interestingly Fahhaheel is south of the capital. There is a handsome fish market on weekends and a camel market at the southern end of the town near the big gas station. Inland, Wafra is still interesting, there are vegetable plantations. North of the capital is the small town of Doha. In the vicinity of power plants, there is something hiding a shipyard for dhows, the traditional ships of the Arabian Gulf with an attached small museum.

It makes sense to travel by plane. The visa is for German and other Western foreigners recently smoothly at the airport on arrival available. The authorized period of stay is 3 months. The passport should be valid at least six months and have no entry stamp of the State of Israel. This one goes after the arrival first of the Visa switch (located on the Arrivals level – do not follow most other stairs hinuter) and pay there, the visa fee of 6 KD (credit cards are not accepted, but vis-via has an ATM). Thereafter, the passport stamped and to get the visa in the form of a large A4 paper. So you can now go down to passport control, where you need not to hire again, but the inspector at the output of the passport control only needs to show the stamped visa sheet. It recommends the tide with the visa on GAR to lose a case, because in Kuwait without it can do almost anything you need it for car rentals, hotel check-in and to the course again when leaving.

The airport of Kuwait is currently partially rebuilt. Otherwise, he is bright and tidy, The normal visa is for a single journey and is valid for three months from entry. One should take in any case, since it is possible to leave only after paying a penalty. But it can not be paid on the spot, but must be paid on the Kafeel at the Immigration Department. 2 to 3 days you should expect it. You can also get a visa through the Kuwaiti Embassy in Germany, it will take but also a citizen (Sponsor / Kafeel) and very much Schriftkram. The visa on arrival is thus quite simple.

Western travelers should rent a car, the bus services within Kuwait are poor and little to recommend for Western travelers, especially, usually without air conditioning. Taxis are also available, the number of a taxi company you should ask in time, because there are no regular taxi services are called, is to wait for a taxi on the street is almost always with no prospect of success. There are several rental car companies in Kuwait, driving itself is straightforward if one has got used to the adventurous driving style of the local drivers. More difficult is the orientation, because almost everything looks the same. A card and a mobile phone equipment are therefore required.

You should memorize the card BEFORE starting your journey and have understood the situation of the Ring Roads in Verhälnis to your destination before you in Kuwait City gets going. Trips to other towns are easier to plan, but also applies here: the detailed navigation at the end of the trip is the problem. This is in Kuwait, but well known. Street names, as we know it, are rather unknown. If you specify an address, then describes one of the directions from a known point. It also resents any one, if one gets lost and is guided by mobile phone does.

The fuel supply is naturally good, although the number of stations is rather too small. It is recommended to fill the daytime and not at night, because then suddenly all of Kuwait waiting in long lines at gas stations. During Friday prayers, most gas stations are closed, so plan ahead necessarily.

Kuwait is the summer’s hottest inhabited places on earth. In July and August, midday temperatures around 50 degrees in the shade are not uncommon, and occasionally even hotter. Even at 8 or 9 clock the thermometer rises above 40 degrees and at night it cools down hard. The heat is bearable, because very dry. The main wind direction is north-east, so that Kuwait has a continental climate, the wind comes from the far reaches of Iran over the small Gulf and the air takes on the short circuit hardly nenenswert moisture.

In September, the wind changes to south-east, bringing Although cooling a few degrees, but also a lot of moisture. The weather will be really humid and uncomfortable. In October, sets up the moisture problem and around mid-December, it has a climate as we know from the very hot summers in our latitudes. Mid to late December, the rainy season begins in Kuwait. Although there are no days of steady rain, but frequent showers, which can also be very violent.

January and February, then cool with cold nights. On the day you have rarely more than 10 to 15 degrees with mostly sunny day, at night it can cool down to freezing. Without heating, the housing is difficult. Late February to mid-March it is then a little rainy. Then, an excursion into the desert. The plants flower for the few humid days you’re worth and the desert with a magic carpet of flowers. As of March it is then warmer and air conditioning is needed during the day, but can rest at night. April and May meet again hot European summers and also require an adequate air conditioning at night. A rule of thumb says that you the latest on National Day, 25 February, the air conditioning should have ready to go.

June, July and August are unbearably hot again. No wonder that in these months, leaving the wealthy Kuwaitis, the land and make holiday in Europe or America.

kuwait towers Travel Guide to Kuwait

kuwait towers

kuwait tower Travel Guide to Kuwait

kuwait tower

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kuwait map

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kuwait city skyline

kuwait city Travel Guide to Kuwait

kuwait city

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