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Travel Guide to Jordan

by WCC on January 29, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to Jordan – Jordan is a country in the Middle East . It is almost completely surrounded by land (except for a narrow bay of the Red Sea and the east side of the Dead Sea ). Neighboring countries are Israel and Palestine in the west, Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast and Saudi Arabia to the southeast.

Jordan Travel Guide to Jordan


Most of the time since independence from British administration in 1946 was ruled by Jordan’s King Hussein (1953-99). He was a pragmatic statesman who knew how to pressure exerted by the major powers (U.S., USSR and Great Britain), the Arab states, Israel and the Palestinian population, despite several wars and attempts to coordinate intervention. In 1989 he led one election and permitted a gradual political liberalization. In 1994 a formal peace treaty with Israel was signed. Abdullah II, the eldest son of King Hussein and Princess Muna, ascended to his father’s death the throne in 1999. Since then he has consolidated his power and continue the present course. This includes a comprehensive economic reform program. In January 2000, Jordan joined the World Trade Organization and signed the same year an FTA with the United States, and in 2001 with the EFTA.

Citizens of Arab countries do not need a visa for entry. All others require a visa, which can be purchased on arrival at the airport for 20 Jordanian dinars. A toggle switch is located directly at the visa office. Those who do not arrive by plane, the visa must be requested in advance at a diplomatic representation of Jordan. It is also possible to get a visa directly at the border (Dara, Syria), this makes you look first at the immigration counter and receive a stamp. So then you go to checkout and pay the fee of 13 dinars for that you get a stamp. These are glued into the passport and represents one last time to the first switch. Often a photo is taken and stored the fingerprint (not always). The visa must be paid in Jordanian Dinars, the fee is 13 dinars. Upon departure may be made ​​once photos. Israeli stamp in your passport lead to rejection at the border with the neighboring Arab countries of Jordan, even with valid visas.

Get for 50.00 € (October 2009) approximately 40.00 Jordanian dinars (JD) (Hotel Price, 2010). The airport course in October 2011 was 0.85, ie for a € 0.85 one has received JD. Amman itself but can also get a better exchange rate of up to 0.95 (October 2011). Cash and travelers checks are exchanged by banks and official bureaux de change, some hotels also provide this service (with a worse course). Attention! It is variously reported that the exchange of traveler’s checks became increasingly difficult. If they are ever taken even then usually only to a very bad rate. Credit cards are accepted by some hotels and shops. By now, using debit card (Maestro, V Pay is not possible) will be lifted on many machines money. Here the price is usually better, but change fees will be added. There is no limit to the execution of foreign currencies or Jordanian dinars. The introduction Jordanian Dinar is limited to a maximum of 50 JD. It is extremely unusual to be asked at the border, how much cash they carry with them. The export of antiques and coral is forbidden.

Although Jordan is an Islamic state, there are locally produced beer brand Amstel in the better restaurants. Guinness and Heineken are served in western restaurants. The Jordanian wine is also very good. In the western districts of Amman and in areas inhabited by Christians, you can get even tougher alcohol. In addition, there are shops which sell alcohol, they are by the Amstel (beer) logo to identify them. It’s very busy, especially at night, in Amman’s pedestrian zone – the Wakalat Street, too.

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