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Travel Guide to Japan

by WCC on January 14, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to Japan – Japan ( Japanese :日本Nihon or Nippon ) is an island country in East Asia .In the “Land of the Rising Sun” the past meets the future. The Japanese culture dates back thousands of years on the one hand, absorbs and creates the other hand, the latest trends.

japan Travel Guide to Japan

Japan is a prime example of contrasts and contradictions. Many Japanese companies are pioneers in their fields, but Japan seems to constantly face ruin. Cities are modern and high-tech, old wooden houses survive but continue here next to designer homes. On a normal day can be seen in the U-bahn to meet adults who drive with children’s toys or pornography, the time, sometimes with both simultaneously. Japan has a collection of wonderful temples, surrounded by gaudy advertisements and ugly buildings. In a modern skyscraper, you can suddenly take on a wooden door, behind which is a traditional Teekammer with Tatamifußboden and calligraphy is on the walls. These contrasts will ensure that your holiday will be Japan hardly boring.

For citizens of Switzerland, Austria and Germany it is not necessary to keep applying for a visa in their home country. Upon entry you have to fill out an entry document (name, passport number, place of residence in Japan, such as hotel, flight number, etc.). So you get a tourist visa for a stay of max. 90 days. If necessary, the tourist visa may be extended by 3 months, but you have to as a “Resident Alien” register with the authorities. Since October 2006 a customs import document must also be completed. The importation of fresh food (fruit, meat and fish), plants and flowers is permitted only conditionally. This must be presented before the customs control of the health inspector.

Getting the cheapest option is the most important plane The three members of the international airports with worldwide connections are Narita Airport in Tokyo (NRT), the Kansai Airport in Osaka (KIX) and Chubu Centrair Airport in Nagoya (NGO). The Fukuoka Airport (FUK) connects the southern island of Kyushu with other Asian countries. Other larger airports with mainly regional and intra-Asian connections are the Chitose Airport in Sapporo (CTS), the Naha Airport in Okinawa (OKA), the Haneda Airport in Tokyo (HND) and Itami Airport in Osaka (ITM).

japan food Travel Guide to Japan

Japanese cuisine has conquered the world. Sushi (寿司) and tempura (天ぷら) are available today in places where you least expect it. But the Japanese cuisine has much more to offer: there is a wide selection of pasta (麺men ) – raam (ラーメン) thin soba (そば) from buckwheat and thick udon (うどん) of wheat – and a whole series of donburi (丼, “Rice Bowl”) dishes and also Japan’s most popular dish, the curry rice (カレーライスkaree Raisu ) tastes very Japanese. Furthermore, one should not enjoy shabu-shabu , a kind of fondue with broth, hub , where the meat and vegetables cooked in a broth, but it is also eaten and okonomiyaki , which are delicious savory pancake escape . let As snack food Japanese Onigiri (お握り), rice balls with different – usually salty – fillings, which are to get on every street corner. The brave can natto (纳豆) taste, slimy fermented soybeans. Also, not all Japanese people find it tasty, but for some they are part of daily breakfast.

japan temple Travel Guide to Japan

Japan Temple

japan sakura Travel Guide to Japan

Japan Sakurajapan fuji mountain Travel Guide to Japan

Japan Fuji Mountainjapan flag Travel Guide to Japan

Japan Flagjapan city Travel Guide to Japan

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