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Travel Guide to Israel

by WCC on January 29, 2012

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Travel Guide to Israel – The State of Israel is not the only Muslim country in the Middle East . It lies on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is bordered by Syria , the Lebanon , Egypt , Jordan and the Palestinian territories . In the far south, it has an access to the Red Sea.

israel Travel Guide to Israel


Most of Israel’s main towns and industrial and tourist centers are located in metropolitan Tel Aviv-Jaffa . However, there are also larger cities in the north of the country. To the south lie the other hand, due to the Negev desert just two significant cities: Beersheba and Eilat . Probably the most important city in Israel is the “Holy City” Jerusalem . Official capital of Israel is Jerusalem , which is not recognized by some states. Most foreign embassies are therefore in Tel Aviv-Jaffa , which also serves as the center of corporate and party life. An important religious center, Bnei Brak, are the residents reluctantly “bothered” by tourists. The most important industrial center of the country’s Haifa . Zefat is known primarily for art and mysticism, Beersheba as the center of the desert region and Eilat on the Red Sea because of tourism. It is also known Nahariya , a coastal town on the Mediterranean.

With the end of the British mandate on 14 Ben-Gurion proclaimed in May 1948 the independent Jewish state of Israel. The subsequent invasion of the four neighboring states of Iraq and Saudi Arabia could be averted in the lasting until July 1949 War of Independence. The existence of Israel has not accepted especially by those States and it was followed by other wars. Including the 1967 Six Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The increasing tensions between Israelis and Palestinians resulted in 1987 in clashes violently, the First Intifada.

German citizen, after 31 Are born in December 1927, can enter without a visa to Israel. You get automatically when entering a three-month tourist visa. Austrian nationals may stay without visa up to three months in the country. The passport must be at the entry to be valid for three months. German, before 1 Are born in January 1928, require a visa, which issues the Israeli embassy and free for the lifetime of the passport when the applicant has not demonstrated the deep involvement in National Socialism.

The existence of an Israeli stamp in the passport leads to refusal of entry in some Arab countries (eg Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen), or even Iran. It is recommended to avoid complications during subsequent trips to these countries to ask the Israeli immigration officials to bring the entry stamp on a separate piece of paper. Such notes can be easily lost, and there is no certainty that the officer stamped such a list. Therefore, it is better to have two Reisepäse. As a reason, you can specify when the German authorities to enter Israel and Morocco. To travel with an Israeli stamp in your passport to Jordan and Egypt in general is not a problem because anner know both states, Israel and maintain diplomatic relations with this country. So, if you only plan a trip to Israel with a visit to Sinai in Egypt or to Petra in Jordan, reaches a pass from perfect. While you will be asked on the way back from Jordan and Egypt in more detail by Israeli officials, but the entry will be granted in any case. Unlike running the thing, when, after his trip to Israel on a trip to Syria or other countries that do not recognize the state plans. Direct travel from Israel to Syria goes anyway, so you must travel, for example, via Jordan to Syria. If you can catch yourself in Syria with an Israeli stamp in your passport, you are guaranteed rejected at the border because Israel did not Syria knows anner. In order to avoid possible unpleasant situations with Syrian border guards, in which case you should have a second passport, in which there are no Israeli stamps. But it is not recommended anyway, Syria and Israel to visit during the same trip, when Syria demanded a visa in advance and watch the official itinerary of the tourists very well. It is important to think also that it does not matter how long is a trip back to Israel at the passport control in Tehran, Damascus and Aleppo will be rejected and may not continue his vacation or business trip. If one more business in the Middle East is on the road, so you should definitely have two passports, one for Israel and America, for the other Arab states and Iran. For a round trip with stops in Egypt and Jordan submits passport.

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