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Travel Guide to Grand Canyon

by WCC on January 24, 2012

in North America

The Grand Canyon is a U.S. National Park in northern Arizona . It represents one of the major attractions in the U.S. since 1979 and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The canyon was formed probably 10 million years ago when the Colorado River began to carve his way through the rocky plateau. Over time, then came the 1,800 m deep, 350 km long and up to 30 km wide gorge. Wind and weather, they also formed. The order of the different rock layers in the rock walls and numerous fossils found here point to the different eras of geological eras.

grand canyon Travel Guide to Grand Canyon
grand canyon

The Grand Canyon is very versatile in terms of plants and the climate. In and around the canyon, there are five different climate zones! The higher elevations of the Grand Canyon have even coniferous forest.

In summer, the Grand Canyon is very hot and dry. The temperatures are usually above 37 degrees, and can range in extreme cases, over 43 degrees! There are no wind cooling, the hot desert winds make the temperature that is not too pleasant! The nights are usually quite warm with about 19-23 degrees. There is no rainy season, it does not, in summer it can often times be a storm in the winter and rarely even snow. Exception is the El Nino effect. Here Pazifk blow from her wet hot winds in the desert, where it can be quite humid, and thunderstorms are not uncommon.

grand canyon skywalk Travel Guide to Grand Canyon
grand canyon skywalk

It may reflect the North (North Rim) and the southern (South Rim) to visit the Grand Canyon, the distance is, however, if one puts them back to the car considerably.
Most tourists are therefore limited to the more developed southern edge, where the village is called the Grand Canyon. There are also a railway station and an airfield. On the northern edge of much less tourist are out there but until the road opens in May (and is open until the first snow around October). This one has much more quiet than the bustling southern edge.
For the southern access road, there are two directions:
From the south on the Arizona Highway 64 North (AZ64N, combined with U.S. Highway 180).
from the East over the West AZ64.
From Flagstaff , one can choose about 100 miles long, take the U.S. Highway 180 (US180) to Valle take (a narrow two-lane mountain road through dense forests) or first the multi-lane Interstate 40 westbound until after Williams (50 kilometers), and there, then click the AZ64N (slightly wider, less mountainous). Both routes are a total of approximately 140 kilometers long.
The northern boundary is reached via the AZ 67, a branch of the U.S. 189ALT (Page and Kanab are common starting points).

grand canyon colorado river Travel Guide to Grand Canyon
grand canyon colorado river

Along the South Rim regularly run free shuttle – buses from before sunrise until after sunset. In this way, visitor centers, lodges, restaurants, souvenir shops, observation points and hiking trails are easily achieved. Are also accessible in this way places that are closed to private cars. From 1 May 2010 can be located in the Grand Canyon Village also rent bicycles and explore the canyon on the way.

grand canyon national park Travel Guide to Grand Canyon
grand canyon national park

Very popular are the trips to Colorado in the valley of the Grand Canyon. The trips are not safe and there are deaths every year due to overconfidence. It is not recommended on a day the round-trip contest, since it is extremely hot in May and expect a fast-water supplies. You can stay at the Colorado ranch in the Phantom, but you should reserve at least half a year here before. But one can deny only a part of the road and turn after half the distance again.

grand canyon river Travel Guide to Grand Canyon
grand canyon river

Popular example is the “Bright Angel Trail”, go to the mules. Who has some stamina should, however, from “Indian Garden” go even further to the “Plateau Point” (From South Rim and back 12 miles), otherwise it is not out of the Abstiegstal the Bright Angel Trail, and neither does the river still within the large area of ​​the canyon. Who wants to go for a hike down into the canyon should, in any case the Backcountry Information Center or consult one of the Visitor Center.

grand canyon river horse shoe Travel Guide to Grand Canyon
grand canyon horse shoe river

But even here one should break due to the high temperatures early and take plenty of water (and food). The water supply can be replenished on the road again. You can fly including the helicopter through the Grand Canyon.
An alternative to walking is to ride on mules. This can be seen on the backs of the animals on the road one day to Colorado and back handle. The riding tours are very popular, so be sure to book the tours very soon.

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