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Travel Guide to Eritrea

by WCC on January 16, 2012

in Africa

Travel Guide to Eritrea – Eritrea is located in East Africa . It gained its independence only in 1993. In the east, the country has a long coastline on the Red Sea in the south east border of Djibouti and north-west of Sudan on. The long border with Ethiopia is the subject of serious border disputes. City of Eritrea is Asmara.

eritrea Travel Guide to Eritrea


Eritrea was conquered in 1890 by Italy, which retained control over the area until the 2nd World war were expelled by the British. Eritrea was then in 1952 as part of a federal state in Ethiopia handed over. The ten years later annexation of Eritrea by Ethiopia as a province triggered a 30-year struggle for independence that ended with a victory over rebels of the Eritrean Ethiopian forces in 1991. The independence was confirmed by a large majority in the UN supervised plebiscite 1993rd

Getting to Eritrea
Good flight connections to Frankfurt , Amsterdam and Rome with Eritrean Airlines, Lufthansa to Frankfurt and Sanaa and Khartoum with Yemenia. Even Egypt Air flies from Cairo to Asmara.

eritrean crag Travel Guide to Eritrea

eritrean crag

asmara city Travel Guide to Eritrea

asmara city

In the capital, Asmara, there are taxis at every corner. Even the system of shared taxis have discovered the Eritreans. In addition, the bus is very popular. All towns are also accessible by bus. Whether this is the right standard for a European “All inclusive” tourist-drenched, I doubt very much. But there are rental cars! I want to point out that for me as an Austrian alpine roads are familiar terrain. Let’s not forget Asmara is about 2400m above sea level and the serpentine roads are asphalted and in Africa for a very good condition, but it goes just to the right or left then ever down a few hundred meters. So: ‘Flachland’-Europeans should have preferred to be with a rented local driver on the road.

The existing rail link between Asmara and Masawa is more of a tourist attraction and is only once a week and only if there are enough passengers traveled. But then it is a unique experience. All other Eritreans go with the bike.

In Eritrea, there are nine different ethnic groups. Up to 11 Age of the children are taught in your native language from the “secondary school” or the 5th In English class. We speak mainly Tigrinya and Arabic, but many can speak English. Older people can also Italian, because Eritrea was an Italian colony until 1941.

steam locomotive in eritrea Travel Guide to Eritrea

steam locomotive in eritrea

eritrean railway Travel Guide to Eritrea

eritrean railway

Eritrea is a former Italian colony, and therefore can be found everywhere Italian influenced dishes. Pasta and risotto, and espresso Maciatto you get in any cafe or bistro. The traditional dish is injera or ingera. A soft, sour flat bread, with which one eats curries or stews with different hand. Meanwhile, the kebab is popular in Eritrea. This is available only in certain restaurants.

Holiday in Eritrea
The “Independent Day” on 24 May is the most important holiday. Just a week before 24 May you celebrate in the streets of the festival. Small venues with bands and comedians are on every street corner and it is sung and laughed. The actual ceremony will be held at the stadium. With a large military parade of musicals and of course, but also with the local “pop stars” who give their works the best. The conclusion of a huge choreographed with about 500 dancers.

Healthy in Eritrea

Medical care in Eritrea is poor. It can only be dealt with simple diseases. The existing hospitals are both staff qualifications and terms of equipment and hygienic conditions are not recommended. The drug supply is inadequate. Tap water is not suitable as drinking water (biological and chemical contaminants).

eritrean food Travel Guide to Eritrea

eritrean food

eritrean coast Travel Guide to Eritrea

eritrean coast

asmara intercontinental hotel Travel Guide to Eritrea

asmara intercontinental hotel

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