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Travel Guide to China

by WCC on January 19, 2012

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Travel Guide to China – China is in Asia . It is the most populous country in the world. Neighboring countries are in southern Afghanistan , Pakistan , India , Nepal , Bhutan , Myanmar , Laos and Vietnam , to the west of Tajikistan , Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan , in the northeast and northwest Russia , to the North Mongolia and northeastern North Korea .

china Travel Guide to China


China has an ancient culture that is shaped by different influences. The main influence of the various ethnic groups. China has 56 recognized ethnic groups, 93% of the population belong to the Han Chinese, each with its own language, dress, customs, traditions and way of life. Some major ethnic groups include the Manchus, Mongols, Evenki, Uyghur, Zhuang, Miao, Yi, Dong, Yao, Bai, Hani, Naxi, Tujia and Tibetan people. The lifestyle of the people Grupen influenced the religion and life. This can be seen very easily when you walk into a Tibetan Buddhist temple and a Mongolian. Although it is the same religion whose interpretation is very different. The most important and famous tratitionellen Chinese cultures are the chinessiche Esskunst with its four great regional cuisines, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese silk embroidery, the figure of the Earth, the popular prints and the Chinese paper-cuts.

In the southern highlands, it depends on the altitude in the valleys it is humid tropical, then begins above the cloud forest, which is also a bit cooler in the winter (and often foggy). On the southern coast has a tropical rain forest climate, which leads especially in the summer (June, July and August) to very humid conditions. In Shanghai and the Yangtze Delta area (up to Hefei, Anhui), we find sub-tropical climate. In the summer it’s extremely humid (often referred to as the sultry climate of the world) at temperatures above 35 ° C and a relative humidity up to 100%. Even at night it cools off almost (sometimes minimum temperature not below 30 ° C). It is therefore not recommended for sensitive resources of the Europeans travel to this region in summer. Rainfall during this period, extreme, with thunderstorms can occur in a short time to local flooding. How central China, this region is also known for hail storms, which are caused by thunderstorms in summer. Winters can be cool from the north and in extreme cases even snowing short time.

Central China (this counts as the “Red Basin”) also in the valleys of a subtropical climate. The summer can be uncomfortably humid, but dry, hot, mild winter, but also very cold weather in particular. The region is also known for its severe thunderstorms, hail storms bring the often dangerous or tornadoes with it! The farther one goes north, the colder the climate. Beijing has probably about a weather comparable to Poland (Beijing, however, much hotter and more humid in the summer), three or four really cold months, but still a warm summer, while further inland provinces of Outer Mongolia certainly -30 ° C in Winter may have, but offer very pleasant climate in summer.

Generally, it is in China not always possible to forward luggage. Each piece of luggage must be picked up upon arrival in China and abandoned. An exception is Air China flights, which has the connecting flight the same flight number as the flight from Germany to China. Here, the baggage is checked only at the destination airport drch customs. If China “only” the intermediate station (eg Frankfurt-Beijing-Sydney) the passage of luggage to the destination airport with other Ailinen is possible.

The international airport of Beijing, lies about 20 km northeast of downtown. The airport is a hub of domestic air traffic and is served by many international airlines. These are, among others, Air France , British Airways , China Southern Airlines , Dragonair , Lufthansa , AirBerlin , Qantas and Singapore Airlines . Swiss Airlines to Beijing served from July 2011. From Germany (Berlin), among others, the Hainan Airlines will fly to Beijing. Connecting flights from other German cities are operated by Air Berlin.

The International Airport of Shanghai is 35 km away from the city center of Shanghai on the eastern edge of town. Convenient it can be with the Transrapid and then reach with the subway line 2. Troublesome is the only change. A taxi ride for about 17 € does all this ordeal. There are also buses that connect every quarter hour from the airport to downtown. From Frankfurt to fly several times a day, Lufthansa, Air China and China Eastern, and from Munich or the Lufthansa flies once daily. Special bargain is the Air-China connection via Milan. A business class ticket will cost you just € 1,650 (€ 1,950 otherwise) and you can still go shopping in Milan. The Shanghai airport is unpleasant, especially for travelers whose destination is not Shanghai, but another Chinese city. From the international airport, going from just a few domestic flights. Most domestic flights depart from the airport ” Hongqiao “, which is about 50 km from the international airport” Pudong is removed. ” However, there are fee-based shuttle buses.

The Chinese cuisine differs in four large kitchens, sometimes even in 10 kitchens unterteilt.Generell it is eaten anything that has four legs and no table is that no aircraft can fly and swim and what is and is not a ship. Cantonese cuisine The Cantonese cuisine combines the features of various small Imbisstände with an extreme variety of ingredients such as fish, shellfish and birds. Examples include fried shrimp, eight-treasure lotus sticky rice cakes, mushrooms in oyster sauce, and grilled in a clay pot turtle piglets. Shandong cuisine Shandong cuisine uses a lot of very strong and aromatic Geschmaksrichtungen. Is particularly well known for its cuisine and seafood soups. Examples include crab eggs with shark fin soup, Walnussuppe, sea cucumber with spring onion. Sichuan cuisine Hot and spicy, this is the Sichuan cuisine. Five spice powder, chili pepper and flowers are the main ingredients of almost all dishes. Examples are: Mapo tofu hot pot, Gong Bao chicken. Huai’an Yangzhou cuisine at Flavours Mild and many fresh ingredients as well as freshwater fish characterize this cuisine. Beispile are beggars chicken, sweet sour fish, salty duck.

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