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Travel guide to Chad

by WCC on January 12, 2012

in Africa

The Chad is located in Africa . neighboring countries are Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, the Central African Republic in the south and Cameroon , Nigeria and Niger in the west.

chad lake 2 Travel guide to Chad

chad lake

Cities of Chad
N’Djamena (the capital)

Getting to Chad
By Aircraft
The only international airport in the country is located in N’Djamena (NDJ codes) and can be on an Airbus 319 of Air France from Paris since 2007 reached 5 times per week (5:50 hours flight time costs. Approx. 600 €). More international flights Air Inter Congo, CanAir Cargo, Ethiopian Airlines, the Libyan Afriqiyah Airways from Tripoli, the Sudan Airways from Khartoum and the offer of Lomé in Togo Asky. From the airport there are taxis for transport to the city center, just 2 km away. Domestic Flights: “Toumai Air Tchad” offered with a Fokker 28 between Ndjamena (NDJ) and Abeche (AEH) two flights per week with 150 seats.

Other vehicle
There are no railways in Chad. Buses are rare and are only offered in larger towns. To drive a car is associated with certain risks (robberies, civil war). Even among well-maintained highways is commonly defined as gravel roads. The entire network comprises about 270 km asphalt roads, as that of Liechtenstein. In the case of accidents involving personal injury must be reckoned with aggression. The fuel supply is guaranteed everywhere. The main Chari River is navigable only during the rainy season with smaller river vessels. Lake Chad has some ferry routes.

emi koussi mountain 2 Travel guide to Chad

emi koussi mountain

chad basin national park 2 Travel guide to Chad

chad basin national park

According to the latest Anthropology report in 2003 there were still about 110 in Chad are living languages. The official language is standard Arabic, but is spoken by about one million locals the “Chadian Arabic.” This dialect is also used in parts of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Niger and Nigeria. Second official language is French. French is spoken in many authorities.

Since 2006, there are three hotels with international standards in Chad, all located in the capital. The hotel is the newest 5-star Hotel Kempinski N’Djamena . With its impressive facade made ​​of the finest marble Treventino it makes claims to a new landmark for Chad; it covers extensive leisure and recreational opportunities and guarantees the highest standards. The rates were in March 2007 between € 139-289 per person. French luxury offers at Starwood Group subsidiary Méridien Chari , where most of the rooms overlook the park and the lovely Chari river have. To conserve travel funds, we recommend the Hotel La Tchadienne , which also has all the western standards. Recreational activities such as swimming pool are offered. Again, the prices are still in accordance with “Western.”

chadian women 2 Travel guide to Chad

chadian women

Typical desert climate in the north, the south of the country’s humid tropical climate change.
In the north, the daily temperature in winter at about 28 degrees, about 13 degrees at night. In summer day temperatures reach about 45 degrees at night it cools down only slightly to about 26 degrees!
In the south there are no big differences in years, it is almost always over 30 degrees during the day, only the Nachttmeperaturen vary from 14 degrees (January) – 26 degrees (May). Daytime temperatures vary 33-41 degrees!

chadian cuisine 2 Travel guide to Chad

chadian cuisine

chad national park 2 Travel guide to Chad

chad basin national park

chad mountain 2 Travel guide to Chad

chad volcano mountain

chad mountain tibesti 2 Travel guide to Chad

tibesti mountain

chad lake upside 2 Travel guide to Chad

chad lake from upside

chad flag Travel guide to Chad

chad flag

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