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Travel Guide to Brunei

by WCC on January 25, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to Brunei – Brunei is a sultanate on Borneo and is territorially from Malaysia limited.Mohamed Sultan (15th century) is the first Muslim monarch of Brunei. He kidnapped a Muslim princess during a voyage to the Philippines, she was married and converted to Islam from her. The daughter of his successor, Ahmed took an Arab man for her son Ahmed is considered forefather of today’s ruling Muslim sultans. In the 16th Brunei century ruled over almost the whole island of Borneo and parts of the Philippines. Brunei drove lively trade with the Portuguese and two Spanish conquest, resistance testing. In the next 200 years ago, the influence from the Sultanate. In the 19th century the island of Labuan and Sarawak, it lost to the English and had to sell the Sabah at the Austrian Baron Overbeck. The “White Raja” Charles Brooke supported a rebellion in the Limbang valley and it spun a Sarawak. Since then, Brunei is divided in two. Under the British in 1899 the search for oil began in 1918, the British-Dutch Shell Oil met with oil, which now forms the basis of the prosperity of the Sultanate. Since 1950 the natural gas deposits are exploited, since 1952, offshore production platforms and drilling rigs built. In 1963 he moved from Brunei, not to join the Federation of Malaysia, but to remain under British administration. Since January 1, 1984 Brunei is independent.

brunei Travel Guide to Brunei


Brunei has vast oil fields. In 1995, the total funding amounted to 63.5 million barrels of oil and 10 billion m3 of natural gas. Petroleum and natural gas exports are almost entirely (58% to Japan, South Korea 15%, 9% each to Thailand and Singapore).Tropically hot and humid, duchschnittl. 28 ° C, low nocturnal cooling. Humidity above 80%. Heavy rainfall in the rainy season from November to March.

All travelers need a valid passport and tickets for onward flight or proof of sufficient funds for your stay in Brunei. German and Austrian citizens do need to stay up to 30 days for citizens of Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine for a stay of up to 14 days without a visa. A 72 hours transit visa is available to nationals of all countries except for holders of Israeli passports available.

Passengers over 17 years can for their personal use 200 cigarettes, 60 grams of tobacco, 60 ml perfume and 250 ml Eau de Toilette introduce. Non-Muslim passengers over 17 years can introduce two bottles of alcohol (about 2 liters) and 12 cans of beer for personal consumption, alcohol must be specified in the customs inspection upon arrival. Caution: Since there is no alcohol on sale in Brunei, are very strict customs controls accordingly. As a non-Muslim, although they may carry up to 12 cans of beer and two bottles of other alcohol. However, you must specify this at the entry, otherwise you get a drastic punishment, and the alcohol will be confiscated. Dealing with all illegal drugs is so severe as in all other states in the region (Singapore, Malaysia) handled.

Brunei has no nightlife. Most shops close at 20:00. There are no bars and pubs. Alcohol is not sold. The only way to go is the many restaurants that stay open until about 22:00.

brunei sultan Travel Guide to Brunei

brunei sultan

brunei mosque drawing Travel Guide to Brunei

brunei mosque drawing

brunei mosque Travel Guide to Brunei

brunei mosque

brunei map Travel Guide to Brunei

brunei map

brunei darussalam Travel Guide to Brunei

brunei darussalam

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