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Travel Guide to Bahrain

by WCC on January 24, 2012

in Asia

Travel Guide to Bahrain – Bahrain is an island nation in the Persian Gulf . Visas are required by German and other Western foreigners easily available at the airport. This one pays directly to the passport control, the visa fee of BD 5. Unfortunately credit cards are not accepted, so you have to replace before the exchange switch (next to the passport control) unfortunately a very unfavorable rate. Those who enter from another Arab country, should consider whether he had exchanged some Bahraini Dinar there.

al manama bahrain Travel Guide to Bahrain

al manama bahrain

In the Kingdom of Bahrain, there are accommodations for every budget. Cheap hotels can be found near the souk in Manama. Beach hotels are all in the 5 * range. Accommodation can be booked at the best spot, and they should always ask for discounts! At the weekend, ie Thursday and Friday, the hotel is very well filled by tourists from Saudi Arabia. The prices then rise slightly.The climate of Bahrain is hot and dry. The winter is very mild at 20 degrees during the day and around 15 degrees at night. However, it heats up very quickly and in May, the climate for most Europäear unbearable. During this time also increases the atmospheric humidity. In the summer months it will be extremely hot, the temperatures hover around 40 degrees during the day and at night at about 30 degrees. It is also very humid.

Under the Constitution of 1973, last amended in 2002, Bahrain is a constitutional monarchy . The Islam is the state religion . The King appoints and dismisses the government and also has the right to dissolve parliament and new elections. The Parliament is divided into a House of Representatives (Majlis on-Nuwwab) , whose 40 members are elected every four years, and a council (Majlis ash-Shura) , are also 40 members appointed by the king. All Bahrainis aged 18 years are eligible to vote. In the elections to the House of Representatives on 24 and 31 October 2002 won the list of Islamic Communities 19, 18 independent candidates and Liberal three seats. There are no parties allowed. In the parliamentary elections on 25 November 2006 did the first one with Latifa al-Qa ʿ ud a woman as a deputy in the parliament.

According to the Constitution is Sharia a main source of legislation. The Court is independent. Hindus and Christians are subject to a modified British jurisprudence. In 2009 an advanced family law (Law Nr.19/2009) for resolution tabled in Parliament, the strengthening of the rights and autonomy of women shall be. [8] Violent protests led Wefaq party, however, that this law can be applied to women only Sunni faith. Shiite women are still subject to the Shiite jurisprudence (Jaafari). Bahrain is a member of the UN , the Arab League , the OAPEC and the Gulf Cooperation Council . In addition, the United States consider Bahrain as an important ally and put relatively great confidence in the democratic development of the country.

bahrain navy base Travel Guide to Bahrain

bahrain navy base

bahrain mosque Travel Guide to Bahrain

bahrain mosque

bahrain map Travel Guide to Bahrain

bahrain map

bahrain grand prix race Travel Guide to Bahrain

bahrain grand prix race

bahrain Travel Guide to Bahrain


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