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Townsville, Australia

by WCC on June 6, 2012

in Australia

Townsville is an Australian city with about 143,000 inhabitants in northern Queensland on the east coast of Australia , 1112 km northwest of Brisbane south and 285 km from Cairns . It is the seat of the same local government area (LGA) Townsville City .

Townsville 550x412 Townsville, Australia


Townsville is protected behind the Great Barrier Reef ( Great Barrier Reef ), at the mouth of Ross River in the very short Pacific . Behind Townsville, a short distance from the coast, lies the Great Australian vagina Mountains ( Great Dividing Range ). Townsville is of his own mountain, the 286 meter high Castle Hill dominates. Besides him are near Townsville around a few more of the outstanding level of individual mountains as well as the upper and middle reaches of the Ross River is a dam.

Townsville is located in the so-called “dry tropics” (dry tropics). Scientifically speaking, they are in the humid tropics (English wet-dry tropics ). Accordingly, the distribution is of the rainfall throughout the year rather unequal. Fall of the average annual rainfall of 1121.5 mm over two-thirds in the three-to four-month rainy season from December to March (extreme monthly totals: 0.0 mm-1141, 7 mm). Accordingly, lie about 70 to 75 of the annual rainy days, about 45 in those four rainy months.

The rainy season is also the warmest time of the year. On an average January day varies the air temperature between 24.2 ° C and 31.4 ° C. One day in July, the coldest month, however, alternates between the average temperature 13.5 ° C and 25.0 ° C. The annual average temperature is around 24 ° C to 25 ° C, the extreme values ​​at 1.1 ° C to 44.3 ° C (monthly average of Tagesextrema: 13.5 ° C-31, 4 ° C, mean annual Tagesextrema: 19, 8 ° C-28, 8 ° C). The solar radiation varies during the year the monthly average from 7.2 to 9.8 hours per day (annual mean: 8.4 h / d).

The high temperatures cause a high potential evaporation from an average of 7.2 mm per day, or 2629.7 mm per year (minimum 5.0 (June), maximum 9.2 (September)). Accordingly, that is air humidity is not excessive, but varies from 60% in September and 75% in February (annual average: 67%). Occasionally cyclones judge in Townsville damage, for the first time in 1867, the date the last time 1971st.

Townsville City 550x412 Townsville, Australia

Townsville City

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Townsville Beach

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Townsville Australia

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magnetic island townsville

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