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Torrevieja, Spain

by WCC on July 5, 2012

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Torrevieja is a city in southeastern Spain on the Costa Blanca, which has become known for its salt production. On 1 January 2011 were registered 102 136 inhabitants. Torrevieja is part of the Comarca Vega Baja del Segura of the province of Alicante in the Valencian Community. Torrevieja is located in the Spanish speaking countries. Although Torrevieja outside the traditional Valencian – Catalan language area is located, the city was decreed bilingualism in order to stand out as the most southern tourist island of speech (including southernmost bonfires).

torrevieja Torrevieja, Spain

The former fishing village was established with the spin-off from Orihuela in 1820. It takes its name from an ancient watchtower (spanish torre “tower” and vieja, “old”), whose foundations are still preserved. Torrevieja was already in 1829 by a heavy earthquake destroyed. Rebuilt, it was until the early 1970s, an insignificant village. By the beginning of tourism on the Costa Blanca was the city, which numbered about 11,000 inhabitants in 1970, a surge in development.

A few small settlements (housing developments) emerged, and the advent of tourism has been met with a building boom, the Torrevieja swelled in just thirty years ago to a big city with 100,000 inhabitants (2007). Responsible for this “gigantism” is mainly the mayor Pedro Hernandez Mateo, the conservative Popular Party PP heard and to be involved in several corruption scandals. Under investigation by the Spanish prosecutor who brought charges against him in court. With insider knowledge and dubious real estate transactions, he should have managed our business millions of euros in his pocket, the indictment by the prosecutor. Today Torrevieja is a multicultural city, whose population at 52.7 percent (a 13/05/2010) foreigners from 117 different nations (mainly British, German, Swiss and Russians). During the holiday season (July and August), the number of residents in the short term exceed the one million mark. During these months also spend many hundreds of thousands of “domestic Spaniard”, mainly from the Madrid region, the summer holidays in their apartments and houses on the Costa Blanca.

  • Saline lagoons

Torrevieja is situated between two lakes and the Mediterranean in a vast plain. The lagoons are a haven for rare water birds. Torrevieja is internationally known for its salt production, one of the most important in Europe. The tour of the salt is a must during a visit to Torrevieja. Two large salt lagoons are the symbol of this tourist town.

  • Beaches

The area boasts some splendid beaches, which contribute in combination with the traditional fishing and salt production to the development of tourism. The coastal strip in the north begins with the popular “Mata” beach, with fine sand. The beautiful rocky coves of “El Moj√≥n” and “Las Zorras” are particularly noteworthy. At the popular and lively beaches, “La Mata”, “Los Locos” and “Del Cura”, runs along a beautiful beach promenade.

  • Parque Aromatico

On 3 July 2009, between Avenida and Avenida Corinto Torreblanca, just off the N332 opened (adjacent to the settlements and Torremata Alto Mar) of the Parque Aromatico. At around 70,000 square meters, the Catalan architect and landscape gardener Carmen Pinos for about 2 million euros invested by the town of Torrevieja and created the Valencian Ministry of Tourism, a park that invites you to experience a scent. With lavender, rosemary, thyme, jasmine, sage, etc., this park into a true “aromatherapy” was. Pine trees and bougainvillea and steel pergolas and meandering paths of limestone round off this picture yet. Furthermore, children’s playgrounds have been built. Planned but not yet completed, are fountains and water jets and curved benches. The mayor Pedro Hernandez Mateo, has initiated this project 5 years ago said, “The park has a touch of romanticism.” The park will be irrigated with rainwater to drip irrigation and use of treated water at the sewage treatment plant. To protect against vandalism, the park is completely fenced. The aroma of the park opening times in summer are from 9 to 24 clock, in the winter, the park closed already by 20 clock.

 Torrevieja, Spain

torrevieja spain Torrevieja, Spain

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