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Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan

by WCC on September 17, 2012

in Asia

If you are planning on visiting Japan, prepare to be very busy, as there is much to see and do in this historic country. It is a place where  technology and ancient traditions combine beautifully and harmoniously. This country has a unique and distinctive charm all its own. Regardless of the city you choose to visit, your stay will be unique and memorable.

top 8 cities to visit in japan Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan

We have created a list of cities that your visit is mandatory in Japan. We take from several trusted sources about places that have a lot of interesting attractions to tourists.

1. Tokyo

tokyo Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan

Yet the streets to Japan if not visit Tokyo. If you want to get around Japan, start from the city as a venue for the introduction of the country Sakura. Tokyo attraction found in cultures that highly viscous, history and trends in society. Try visit the Tokyo Tower, one of the best place in town if you want enjoy the view of the city of Tokyo with the backdrop of Mount Fuji. In the Tower there is also a wax museum and art gallery.

2. Kamakura

kamakura Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan


If you want to see collection of temples and monuments in Japan, it’s worth a visit to this city. There is a Great statue of Buddha, a giant-sized sculpture that became an icon of Kamakura.

3. Kyoto

tokyo Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan


Kyoto is the second most popular tourist destination in Japan after Tokyo. The city keeps a register of historic sites and more than 15 of them entered into the UNESCO World Heritage classification of wealth. The city is known as ‘ The Thousand Year Capital ‘ is the source of many of the cultural aspects of Japan that we know today. Do not forget to pay a visit to the District of Gion, if lucky, you can meet Geisha photograph them. Here there is also a traditional restaurant and a typical teahouse Japan.

4. Osaka

osaka Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan


Alongside Tokyo and Kyoto, Osaka is one of the major cities in Japan. Here there is a blend of history and modern economy. During a visit to Osaka, please allocate The American Village (Amerikamura) are included in 10 tourist attractions in Japan. Places in the District of Minami was quite represent Western culture and its atmosphere any similar cities in the United States. There is a replica of the statue of Liberty, bars, international fast food restaurant and a nightclub.

5. Hiroshima

hiroshima Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan


This city ever destroyed by an atomic bomb attack during World War II is also worthy entry in the list of places that must be visited while in Japan. Hiroshima is famous for the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, one of the places to go, even if you are not a fan of history. The place is showing a lot of moving pictures showing the state of the touching Hiroshima after the attack.

6. Nagasaki

nagasaki Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan


You’ll feel the city of European feel. The attraction of tourists there at Peace Park where there is a statue of a child and mother to remind the bombings ahead of the end of World War II were 70% of the victims were children, women and the elderly. There is also Sofuku-ji, a temple elegant architectural style that has a touch of China.

7. Yokohama

yokohama Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan


With the population reached 3.6 million, Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan after Tokyo (population). The city is also home to the largest of the three areas Chinatown in Japan. Yokohama Chinatown is also a major attraction for tourists during a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun. If you are a fan of Chinatown, be sure to come back here. Best moment? Sample a variety of food as well as delicious snacks as much!

8. Nagoya

nagoya Top 8 Cities You Must Visit in Japan


The town is located between Tokyo and Kyoto’s, it has excellent attraction in Nagoya Port. This port presents interesting objects such as ships Icebreaker (Fuji), which was used in the expedition to the Antarctic (Fuji Ships now stationed at Nagoya Port and is open for the tourists to go into it. Nagoya Port is also ‘home’ to Nagoya Public Aquarium, where you can see the natural beauty under the water, including the orca and whales.

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