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Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

by WCC on February 28, 2012

in Asia

Tokyo Disneyland is the first Disney park built outside the United States , opened in 1983 . The park complex is located in the Tokyo Disney Resort . It copies the main Magic Kingdom which it inherits the plan (inspired by Disneyland ) and Cinderella’s Castle. But the successive additions since the opening have erased some similarities. A particular feature is the absence of a train encircling the park, it is just the turn of Adventureland and Westernland .

tokyo disneyland 550x412 Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

tokyo disneyland

World Bazaar is a version of Main Street United States covered. A huge glass roof covers the streets and protects visitors from inclement weather including heavy snow in Japan . This “country” does not much attraction but a lot of shops and some restaurants.¬†For easy identification we will use the cutting block in World Bazaar . This “country” adopts the same architectural style as the Main Street United States of the Magic Kingdom . An immense colonnade surmounted by the canopy covering the street serves the entire facade.

The cross street, soberly called Center Street , provides access to Tomorrowland and Adventureland bypassing the central square. This is a first for the Disney parks, only Disneyland with its arcades can “avoid” the street of Main Street .¬†Furthermore no vehicle borrows the Center Street and Main Street Vehicles were reduced to simple bus turning on Central Plaza.

tokyo disneyland japan 550x366 Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

tokyo disneyland japan

tokyo disneyland entrance 550x368 Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

tokyo disneyland entrance

tokyo disneyland castle 550x412 Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

tokyo disneyland castle

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