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Todaiji Temple, Japan

by WCC on March 16, 2012

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The Todaiji Temple  is a Buddhist temple in the Japanese city of Nara . It houses the largest Buddhist statue. The main hall has a width of 57.01 meters, a depth of 50.48 meters and a height of 48.74 meters, the largest pure-built wooden building in the world.

todaiji temple 550x343 Todaiji Temple, Japan

todaiji temple

The statue of the Great Buddha represents Buddha Vairocana (Japanese Birushana , or Dainichi ) dar. It is located in the main hall of the Todai-ji , which was built in 1708 again, but originally should have been larger by a third. The cast bronze figure is only 16.2 m high, high pedestal with 452 tons in weight and 30 m. The temple is also a shrine of the Shinto deity Hachiman , in the Nara period was declared (710-794) to the patron god of the Great Buddha. Noteworthy is also the gateway ( Nandaimon ) from the year 1199 high with the two guard statues around 8.5m (NOK). The system of Todai-ji is one of the UNESCO – World Heritage Site .

The temple was 745 in the Nara period by order of Emperor Shomu built, the Buddha was finished 751st Emperor Shomu wanted to rule over a kingdom, ruled by the principle of harmony and the Buddhist law. A devastating smallpox epidemic of 735-737, which obliterated one third of the population of Japan, to construct led Shomu, in every province government monasteries and convents with large Buddha images. 741, the emperor issued a decree that the establishment of a nationwide network of provincial monasteries foresaw, the Todai-ji Temple of the main Kokubun-ji was. He and the other monasteries should bring the state and prosperity of the population and in particular avoiding disasters such as earthquakes, fires and crop failures.

todaiji temple nara japan 550x369 Todaiji Temple, Japan

todaiji temple nara japan

todaiji temple japan 550x412 Todaiji Temple, Japan

todaiji temple japan

todaiji temple front view 550x412 Todaiji Temple, Japan

todaiji temple front view

todaiji temple 550x412 Todaiji Temple, Japan

todaiji temple

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