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Tioman Island, Malaysia

by WCC on February 26, 2013

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Tioman Island is a small island located about thirty Kilometers off the east coast of Malaysia’s peninsula in the South China Sea. The only way to reach the island is by boat. The dragon-like appearance of the island gave birth to a legend about the island itself housing a sleeping dragon princess. That legend and the amazing natural beauty of the island are its biggest attractions.

The main attraction of the island is the Juara beach. The beach has constant incoming cold freshwater from three rivers in the mountains. The beach offers many activities for various types of travelers including an area for

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swimming, a quiet area for some relaxation as well as the southern area of the beach which has a turtle hatchery.

Tioman Island is surrounded by a lush tropical jungle and a large number of mountain streams as well as waterfalls. Tourists can constantly catch glimpses of various protected species of birds as well as mammals. The waters and beaches around the island are also filled with corals of different colors and shape as well as a large variety of sea creatures.

There are various villages dotted along the coastline of Tioman Island. Most villages offer different types of activities for visitors. One of the villages, Salang village, is a popular among visitors looking for some fun as well as other recreational activities. They offer boat as well as shore dives. The village also has the island’s Instructor Development Center as well as dive shops, rescue divers equipment services, air, nitrox and trimix refill, as well as dive courses.

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One of the other popular activities among visitors on Tioman Island is snorkeling. Some of the best locations for the activity include Paya, which is a group of rocks near the beach where visitors can view a large number of colorful fish and coral, Tekek, which is a marine park and has a large number of fish even if its lacking in coral, Tioman Cabana and Salang, which offers fantastic views of a large number of fish and turtles as well as certain glimpses of black tip reef sharks just off the headland.

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Tioman Island offers different options for all types of holiday makers, including families with children, scuba divers, with its many diving locations and options, honeymooners, with its romantic setting of natural beauty, adventurers, with its climb over large rocks or mountains and even people looking for a luxurious and exclusive stay. The island also offers various shops and outlets to buy cigarettes and alcoholic beverages as well as various restaurants that offer western along with Malay food. For visitors looking for a nightlife atmosphere, the island also has various bars including Allo bar and Manana that offer music in the evening as well as food that adds a nice flair.

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Visitors planning to spend their vacation on Tioman Island can make reservations at Japamala Resort by Samadhi Retreats. It is known as the island’s only boutique resort with rooms surrounded by steep cliffs, natural streams as well as chalets and villas that complement the surrounding environment. The various facilities of the hotel as well as the luxurious accommodations ensure the comfort of guests and make their stay as memorable as possible.

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