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The Floating Market, Thailand

by WCC on March 2, 2012

in Asia

Floating Market is a market that all activities traditionally carried out on the water using a boat . The atmosphere is unique floating market and the typical jostling between small and large boat buyers and sellers to find each other are always wandering to and fro, and always played shaky stream waves. Most of the vendors are women. Interestingly, in this floating market is also still in effect barter between traders. No organization so that the number of merchants who sell them untold. They come to sell, and broke up into its own when the morning sun began blazing.

the floating market 550x359 The Floating Market, Thailand

the floating market

Floating market does not have an organization like the market in the mainland, so it is not recorded how many merchants and traders based on the visitors or the distribution of merchandise. This market is unique because in addition to transactions carried out on the boat, traders and buyers also were not stuck in one place, but continues to move with the flow of the river. This uniqueness makes the floating market is referred to as the Market Balarut .

The famous Floating Market in Indonesia are in the province of South Kalimantan . Floating Market in South Kalimantan began buying and selling activity at dawn until 10 am. Of some Floating Market in South Kalimantan, which became famous attraction is the Floating Market Kuin Estuary in Banjarmasin and Lok Baintan Floating Market on the River Tabuk , Banjar . Floating markets are also found in Thailand , Cambodia and Vietnam .

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