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The Bahamas Travel Guide

by WCC on February 29, 2012

in North America

The Bahamas are an island nation in the North Atlantic and part of the West Indies and the Caribbean. The Bahamas consist of about 29 large islands, 660 islets (cays), and over 2,300 rocks and coral reefs, which are more than 800 miles between the southeastern coast of Florida and parallel to the east coast of Cuba to cover approximately 250,000 km lake area. About. 65% of the population lives on New Providence Island Iceland with the capital, Nassau, Grand Bahamas with 16% in the second-largest city of Freeport, the rest of the so-called Family Islands (or Out Islands ). A not insignificant number of cays is privately owned by individuals or syndicates, and is also inhabited. Some of these small islands have been leased by the government in Nassau, the long term.

bahamas The Bahamas Travel Guide


Scheduled flights via Miami/Florida, Orlando/Florida, United States generally, Canada and London. At an airport departure tax is payable. All the major islands and cays have at least some of an airfield. The major islands are served in regular service to Bahamas air.

Between the islands run large mail boats (Mailboat) in regular service. The starting point of all slopes is Potter’s Cay in Nassau. The small, uninhabited islands, which are the major upstream, there are privately operated ferries. Travelers should definitely pay attention to hygiene measures consumption of fruits, vegetables and meat, fish and seafood. The tap water is chlorinated strong and not suitable for drinking. Drinking water by the bottle can be purchased in grocery stores.

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atlantis hotel bahamas

In the Bahamas from June to November hurricane season. It has to be reckoned with tropical storms, heavy rains and possibly also with landslides. Travelers should follow regional weather forecasts and follow the instructions of local security authorities.

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bahamas picture

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bahamas beaches

The climate of the Bahamas is subtropical to tropical humid. During the summer months it is very humid with frequent rain in winter the weather is pleasant with plenty of sunshine in little precipitation! Due to its proximity to the sea, temperatures rarely climb above 34 degrees and rarely drop below 15 degrees.

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