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The Bahamas – Explore the Unexplored!

by Meidiska on October 11, 2012

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The Bahamas is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Located 50 miles away from the Florida coast, the mosaic of islands is spread over the beautiful seas for a perfect adventure. The islands are divided and designated by their quality as well as quantitative approach. Depending upon the choice of a tourist it offers three busiest islands in terms of visitors – New Providence Island, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama. The three islands hold all the basic facilities including hotels, restaurants, casinos and nightclubs. The wholesome concept of deserted beach, far from the eye is also witnessed at some parts of the Bahamas. They usually are less crowded and aren’t much developed but still every island has a specific property and a hidden gift inside.

bahamas caribbean The Bahamas – Explore the Unexplored!

Geography and Climate

From Florida to blue seas of Turks and Caicos reaching till 100,000 square miles, the 700 islands of Bahamas have a different tale to tell. The islands are normally stretched in between the long and endless seas. They were born out of the coral reefs which turned into a dry land thousands of years ago. As a matter of fact, 5% of the world’s coral lies in the emerald waters of the Bahamas.

The islands rarely experience any extreme temperature, although, the humidity levels always remain high. From May to October the area receives plenty of rainfall. Normally the temperature is tropical which is enjoyed by the tourists coming in all seasons, however, it is better to not visit during the hurricane season, that is, from June to November.

bahamas beach The Bahamas – Explore the Unexplored!

Where to Eat, Shop and Stay

The Bahamas have a unique way of defining and presenting the dishes in various joints and restaurants all over the islands. Be it a local beach side joint to a high quality restaurant, fish is the main component of the menu. Many famous hotels like Anthony’s Caribbean Grill and Blue Lagoon Restaurant have great food in terms of quality but are a bit expensive. Food ranges from Mediterranean to French, Italian and other cuisines of the world. One has to choose from a number of dishes and gain the choice of favorites from rest.

Shopping in Bahamas gives a star-of-the-day feeling when it comes to choose things from the street to fine quality showrooms of famous brands and boutiques. The market offers a special name to designate the quality of products like straw market which offers a bright collection of things made of straw. Small stuff like purses, towels, morraccas, jewelry, photo albums and a good amount of handicraft items are available in the markets.

The Bahamas have an exceptional range of hotels to satisfy everyone’s need and desire. Whether one looks for cheap and inexpensive hotels or a deluxe hotel, the islands have a varied range of accommodations available throughout. The powerful spenders can even rent (or buy!) villas, each one of which is an architectural gem. Resorts like Atlantis Paradise Island and Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort are a favorite among regular tourists.

bahamas hotels The Bahamas – Explore the Unexplored!

Adventure and Nightlife

In the Bahamas there is an abundance of pink and white sandy beaches, exotic food and thrilling adventure sports, such as, cliff diving, kite surfing, water gliding, scuba diving, kayaking and more. You can have endless fun in the waters of the Bahamas.

Many night clubs are spread throughout the islands which have basic facilities like bars, loud music, discos as well as casinos. The Atlantis Casino is one of the most happening places as its elevated nightclub Aura provides an electrifying nightlife experience where one can dance away to the rhythmic beats on the sparkling glass dance floor. If you want both music and privacy, then the Sea Glass at the Atlantis Cove is the right place for you.

bahamas The Bahamas – Explore the Unexplored!

Other Activities

Dive into the crystalline waters of the Bahamas and experience the breathtaking marine life. You can go the world’s largest marine park in the Paradise Island or see the underwater caves at Great Exuma. Meet the dolphins at the Blue Lagoon or take a private tour to any of the remote islands. Play golf and enjoy spectacular scenery at the Ocean Club or just go fishing in the middle of the ocean. Explore, revel and be amazed!

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