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Texas | United States of America

by WCC on March 12, 2012

in North America

Texas is the second largest state and most populous of the United States of America . Due to its remarkable size, distinctive culture and politics, and colorful history, many Texans maintain a fiercely independent attitude, with Texan identity often superseding American identity. Few other American states feature their flag so prominently in businesses, on the backs of cars and in advertisements. Originally a territory of Spain and later Mexico, Texas rebelled in 1836 and became its own nation for 10 years before joining the U.S. in 1845. Despite having existed under the auspices of six different nations (France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, United States of America and the Confederate States of America), Texas has maintained its fascinating independent spirit, making for a unique and unrivaled exploration ground for any intrigued and intrepid adventurer.

texas Texas | United States of America


Texas is the second largest in area and population, third largest state in the United States. In Texas, the official language is English, as throughout the United States. However, speaking only 68.8% of Texans English, however, speak now about one fourth of Texans Spanish, so Spanish, especially in the border region with Mexico in many places is already the dominant language.

Known for their generosity, hospitality, unusual accent, and penchant for larger-than-life, Texans are wonderful people to meet, and the variety of cultural experiences, from feasting on bratwurst with the Germans in the country hill to the observation flamenco dancers with the Chicanos of the Rio Grande Valley, is seemingly unlimited. The large size of the state should not be underestimated. Texas measures over 267,000 square miles (695,673 square. Km) in the area, making it slightly larger than France. Having a car is essential for traveling between cities, and within the most. The traveler if the factor of long lead times between cities and destinations.

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texas highway

France, Spain and Mexico all have called Texas at one time or another. However in 1836, Texas won its independence from Mexico and became the Republic of Texas. The most famous battle in the struggle for independence was the stand at the Alamo. Although tragic, the sacrifice allowed the main army of Texas time enough to gather their strength and defeat the Mexican army great, led by General Santa Anna. Nine years later Texas agreed to be annexed by the United States and became the 28th state of the union.

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texas austin

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texas capitol

Texas is a huge state and made ​​to survive a variety of extreme. Texas is very hot in summer (commonly higher than 100F or 38C). In West Texas and the Panhandle, summers are usually dry with fits of stormy weather. Sectors of the North (Dallas / Fort Worth region) and coastal (Houston region) have unstable climates (hence the saying “if you do not like the weather in Texas, do not wait 10 minutes and they will change the “& ndash; although 10 minutes later you might not like change). Thunderstorms are common, sometimes generating tornadoes and hailstorms. It is often warmer near the coast, though humidity can be unbearable in the summer. Conversely, spring, autumn and winter are relatively pleasant for most of the state. It rarely dips below freezing in winter, except in the Panhandle region where winters are quite cool ( Lubbock and Amarillo have suffered devastating blizzards in the past). It snowed as far south as San Antonio and Houston, but snow melt often in moments of landing.

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