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Terracotta Warriors, China

by WCC on March 6, 2012

in Asia

The Terracotta Warriors is an early grave Chinese investment in the year 210 BC , which for the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shǐhuángdì was built. It is one of the largest tombs in the world and well known for his figures of soldiers, the terracotta army .

terracotta warriors 550x481 Terracotta Warriors, China

terracotta warriors

The mausoleum is located about 36 kilometers northeast of Xi’an in central China at the Linma Street. Approximately 1,300 meters east of the plant flows Sha, a 84 kilometer long right tributary of the Weihe River (Wei He). The nearest urban settlement near the town of Lintong , which is slightly less than five and a half kilometers southwest away.The construction of the facility began immediately after the coronation of Qin Shǐhuángdì, ie in 221 BC and archaeologists speculate that more than 700,000 workers were involved in the establishment.

The facility is surrounded by a rectangular applied external wall. These measures on both sides in widths of 2,000 and 900 meters. Followed by the inner wall, each 1,200 meters long and 550 meters wide. In the large space between the walls of a horse stable, a pit of limestone armor, and helmets, have created the houses of mausoleum officials, the homes of the guards, a pit of rare animals and birds, and a pit of dancers and acrobats.

The inner square is dominated by the grave. In this artificially raised, pyramidal mountain constructed to the emperor to have been buried. Surrounded by hills, the pits with accompanying burials, side rooms, a living area, a pit with civilian officials, as well as a 3025-square-foot pit with bronze chariots.

Approximately 310 meters east of the outer enclosure are two mines: one containing accompanying burials, the other horses out of clay replicas. Again, about 300 meters east of it – east of Sha – four more mines were laid. In the first, which has a floor area of 14 260 square meters, there are approximately 6,000 life-size terracotta soldiers and 40 four-horse carriage with horses in bronze or clay. The next contains 6,000 square feet 1200 terracotta figures and 89 vehicles. A pit is empty, in the past but are 78 figures and a cart. The entire Mausoleumsanlage covers an area of 56 square kilometers.

The discovery of the plant was purely by chance in March 1974 , when Chinese farmers from the village of Xiyang tried to drill a well to combat the dryness. At the 29th March she met with a harsh, scorched soil. At a depth of four meters, came to light pieces of clay, it was followed by a laid out with brick floor, a bronze crossbow mechanism and bronze arrowheads.

The news spread to the county town of Lintong . Responsible for the protection of ancient cultural relics officials Kangmin Zhao traveled with experts in the reference and according to various studies of the partially broken, life-size figures, it was found that these were valuable artifacts from the Qin period. The figures were brought into the cultural center of the circle and then restored in Lintong, the information on this discovery was kept under wraps.

A journalist from the news agency, Xinhua learned from the findings, however, and wrote a report, by the news of the population of China was announced. A few months later moved archaeological group to the area of the grave and began a thorough investigation. In the course of these investigations was the grave of the Emperor a system with thousands of figures Tonarmee discovered under the floor. On 11 July 1975 the Fund reported by official sources.  To date, only about a quarter of the entire system completely exposed. The grave mound itself is still intact. Chinese archaeologists want it to open until later, when the material is handled, which has been excavated so far.

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terracotta warriors weapons

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terracotta warriors map

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terracotta warriors face

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terracotta warriors china

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terracotta warriors

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