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Tenby, Wales

by WCC on May 30, 2012

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Tenby is a town in Pembrokeshire in Wales, which in the south of the county at the Carmarthen Bay is located. The city is a popular seaside resort and market town. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path also passes through the city. Probably built the Vikings in the early Middle Ages, a settlement near Tenby. In the late 11th Century, the Normans invaded by Arnulf Montgomery to South Pembrokeshire and Tenby made ‚Äč‚Äčtheir headquarters. South Pembrokeshire was because of its fertility had a coveted object, and the town of Tenby in addition a good strategic position to attack from the land side. In sieges it was easy to supply from the seaside. At that time there were repeated battles with the Welsh, the confiscation of their land would not accept without a fight.

tenby wales Tenby, Wales

tenby wales

In the next hundred years, the primitive Welsh fort at Tenby by Gerald de Windsor, the Earl of Pembroke replaced by a simple castle on Castle Hill. There, then English or French troops to repel the Welsh were quartered. Over the years more and more immigrant Normans, Frenchmen, Englishmen and Flemings to South Pembrokeshire and settled under the protection of the castle of Tenby. The city walls from this period is preserved in much of today. In 1153 the city and the castle was again captured by the Welsh. The brothers Maredudd and Rhys ap Grufydd interfered with their troops to the castle at night and were successful. This attack was an act of revenge for the attack on her brother Cadell ap Grufydd. This was a Welsh nobleman by soldiers of the garrison while hunting near Saundersfoot been violated. The brothers punish those responsible, and then retreated from the castle. Took control of her cousin, William Fitzgerald, who managed on behalf of the Earl of Pembroke the county.

In the next few years were not after the attacks of the Welsh and, finally, an attack was successful again in 1187. Under their leader Maelgwyn ap Rhys conquered and pillaged the city. The ownership changed but soon back in Norman hands. The final conquest by the Welshman found in 1260 by Llywelyn ap Gruffydd held during his campaign for the liberation of Wales. In the late Middle Ages took Tenbys importance as a protected harbor, and 1566 Portuguese sailors brought the first oranges at Tenby in Wales. In addition to fishing and maritime trade in the past oyster fishing were the primary sources of income in Tenby.

Tenby have a beautiful beaches, coves and cliffs in the area and the picturesque town with its narrow streets make even in modern times for a flourishing tourism. In addition, Tenby boasts some attractions:

  • the Five Arches barbican gate
  • the 15th Built-century Church of St. Mary
  • the Tudor Merchant’s House (National Trust)
  • The museum and art gallery
  • Beaches, coves and castles
tenby harbour Tenby, Wales

tenby harbour

tenby city centre Tenby, Wales

tenby city centre

tenby castle Tenby, Wales

tenby castle

tenby beach Tenby, Wales

tenby beach

tenby at night Tenby, Wales

tenby at night

tenby Tenby, Wales


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