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Tena Ecuador

by WCC on June 8, 2012

in South America

Tena or San Juan de los Dos Ríos del Tena is a city in Ecuador. It is the capital of the province of Napo and Tena in the canton of the Amazon basin . The city has 19 898 inhabitants (2005 estimate) and is situated on 598 meters at the confluence of the Rio Tena with the Pano and Misahuallí. Tena is located off the major oil fields and therefore, unlike other cities in the Ecuadorian Amazon basin (particularly Nueva Loja ) experienced no such strong growth. It has an orderly, clean city that does not, however, urban highlights. The city is surrounded by several hills. The main attraction is the Parque Amazonico, a park and botanical garden and river beach on a peninsula between the rivers Tena and Pano.

tena ecuador Tena Ecuador

tena ecuador

In addition is Tena output point for guided tours in the Tropical rain forest , of the it surrounds (among others National Park Sumaco Napo Galeras , named after the volcanic Sumaco’, the river Napo and the mountain chain Galeras ) and is inhabited at best by indigenous village Communities. Even rafting trips on the Misahuallí are popular. The city also acts as a transshipment center for the agricultural products of the environment. It is a road paved by Baeza connected with the capital, Quito, buses run several times a day. Tena has an airfield, but that is not served by scheduled flights.

The private Escuela ofSuperior Politécnica Ecológica Amazónica (Espea) has their seat in Tena. It was founded in 1997 and offers Tena and other cities of the Amazon basin studies in the fields of business administration, tourism, nursing and ethno therapy, education and law at. Some other universities have offices in Tena.

tena ecuador panorama Tena Ecuador

tena ecuador panorama

kayaking in tena ecuador Tena Ecuador

kayaking in tena ecuador

For Canton Tena, who has an area of 3895 km ² around 46,000 inhabitants, near the capital of Tena also includes the rural parishes Chontapunta, Ahuano, Puerto Misahuallí, Puerto Napo , Pano and Tálag that are populated due to the tropical rain forest is very thin. Besides tourism, agriculture is the main source of employment. Its main products include cocoa, tea, coffee, sugarcane, cassava (yuca), the products of palm oil, tobacco and fruits (especially Naranjilla) and beef. There are also a furniture industry, which produced from tropical wood, it is also natural rubber and won gold washed.

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