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Temple of Heaven, China

by WCC on February 28, 2012

in Asia

The Temple of Heaven is a temple complex in Beijing , China where the emperors of the Ming – and Qing Dynasties prayed for good harvests every year.

temple of heaven 550x412 Temple of Heaven, China

temple of heaven

The facility is located in the Xuanwu District in the south of the city in a large park. The entire complex is surrounded by a double wall. In the northern part of the plant, the walls have a circular plan, while the southern layout is square. Viewed from the top of the wall layout looks so like an elongated dome. This form comes from the idea that the heavens and the earth was round in shape. Due to the double wall around the entire system at a distance of several meters creates an inner and an outer portion of the temple. The main building of the plant are located in the inner region. Also, the inner region is divided by a wall, forming a northern and a southern part of the temple.

In the northern part is the most important building of the temple, the hall of the harvest sacrifice (Qíniándiàn祈年殿), a building with a circular floor plan on a three-tiered marble terrace. It was in 1420 by Emperor Yongle built, burned in 1889 and was built in 1890 from new and is a landmark in Beijing. This northern area was mainly used as an altar in the spring, to pray for the harvest. In the southern part is the second major building, the hall of the firmament , a smaller, also circular temple hall. It is surrounded by the Echo Wall , a perfectly smooth and precise circular wall. The round shape of sound waves are guided along the wall and can be seen everywhere on the wall. So we speak to the Echo Wall, you can even listen to the opposite point of what was said. The southern hall was used together with the three-tiered marble terrace, which is also located in the southern part of the altar during the winter months.

The marble terrace, and the northern and southern hall stand on a north-south axis in the center of the entire system. The buildings are 360 meters long by Danbi Bridge together. This bridge connects the northern and southern parts so the plant. The entire temple-axis with a terrace and halls is 1200 meters long and is flanked by mature trees. Thus the Temple of Heaven claims to be the longest plant for heaven-worship of the world.

temple of heaven inside 550x367 Temple of Heaven, China

temple of heaven inside

temple of heaven china 550x412 Temple of Heaven, China

temple of heaven china

temple of heaven beijing 550x412 Temple of Heaven, China

temple of heaven beijing

temple of heaven map 550x517 Temple of Heaven, China

temple of heaven map

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