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Tegucigalpa | Honduras

by WCC on March 4, 2012

in North America

Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras. The Tegucigalpa airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Spanish Toncontin) ( IATA : TGU ) is located 16 km south of Tegucigalpa. Tegucigalpa is “one” on or near the Blvd. From Morazán. In the Colonia Palmira, there are some nice restaurants, pubs and bars. On weekends it is as in “Sabor Cubano” very full, it is danced. Alternative, it goes in the “Glens” to also be in Palmira. The journey in the know recommended “Tobacco Road” in the center is closed since early December, for unknown reasons. In the center is recommended: “Café Paradiso”, an artist with a secluded courtyard cafe.

tegucigalpa honduras Tegucigalpa | Honduras

tegucigalpa honduras

In Honduras, various organizations of German development cooperation work, including DED, GTZ and CIM. A survey of German companies operating in Honduras provides the Honduran-German Chamber of Foreign Trade, which has its headquarters in Tegucigalpa. Unfortunately occur in Tegucigalpa pickpocketing, robbery and also with weapons (knife or gun). In discotheques with a lot of people should be given to his valuables eight (eg, cash in front pants pocket). In Tegucigalpa, the district Comayaguela is considered unsafe, unfortunately, almost all bus stations are located here. The obviously very poor neighborhoods Tegucigalpa should be avoided.

tegucigalpa temple Tegucigalpa | Honduras

tegucigalpa temple

catedral de tegucigalpa Tegucigalpa | Honduras

catedral de tegucigalpa

tegucigalpa city Tegucigalpa | Honduras

tegucigalpa city

If we are attacked again, one should do in any case, resistance and give the offender what he wants. The violence of the criminal minority is high, because they belong to the segment of the population that has nothing to lose. One should avoid dark, deserted, poor neighborhoods. Even in urban centers, the “Zona Viva’s” (starting area) and in the slightly richer areas should not be taken larger amounts of cash. Jewelry and camera equipment should not be worn open. Women are recommended to consist in calls to come along by security forces (police, military) to the accompaniment of another person.

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