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Tayrona National Park – Colombia

by WCC on June 5, 2012

in South America

The Tayrona National Park is located in northern Colombia on the Caribbean coast, east of the city of Santa Marta, with tropical jungle and white beaches. The Tayrona National Park is named after the Tayrona Indians there until 16 Century have lived until they were driven by colonial powers and exterminated. Now there are only a few descendants of the Tayronas that Koguis, in a village in the mountains of the National Parks.

tayrona national park Tayrona National Park   Colombia

tayrona national park

The landscape is different as they might not be. From tropical beaches to dry forests, cloud forests to the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada, there is everything here. In the area of ​​the park touristischenen it is usually the tropsichen beaches. At the excavation site in Pueblito though it can be seen on a clear day the snowy mountains, and even though you are standing in the rain forest. It has a tropical climate.

The easiest way to start his journey from Santa Marta . Here are buses all day from the corner of Calle 11 Carrera 11 clock hours in the semi-regular basis at the main entrance of the park over. The right bus can be recognized by the board with the main landing points of the “Parque Nacional Tayrona” or something similar written on it. The journey takes 1 hour and costs 5000 COP. Alternatively, a possible arrival of Santa Marta by taxi. Depending on negotiations with about 60,000 COP is expected.

tayrona national park beach Tayrona National Park   Colombia

tayrona national park beach

There are two campgrounds in the Tayrona Park, located on a beach Arrecifes and the other on the beach El Cabo de San Juan . Arrecife is the first beach on which you get when the usual entrance to the park, Cañaveral chooses. Arrecifes in a swimming ban exists because of strong currents, so they swim to the approximately 30 – 45 minutes walk away beaches of La Piscina and El Cabo needs. Travelers who come to the park over Pueblito meet, however, first on the beach of Cabo de San Juan del Guía, which provides a perfect setting right next to the quiet beach. Both campgrounds are more reasonable to set up easy and you can choose between Accomodation in hammocks or in double tents. The former cost about 15,000 pesos per person per night, and the latter 25,000 pesos per person. You can also bring your own tent, which is mainly for people who want to spend some time in the park.

tayrona national park sea Tayrona National Park   Colombia

tayrona national park sea

tayrona national park sunset Tayrona National Park   Colombia

tayrona national park sunset

One of the main attractions and a target if you only do a day trip to Tayrona National Park, is “La Piscina”, west of Canaveral. If you walk from the main entrance to the Canaveral complete line to “La Piscina” is approximately 2.5 hours to go. “La Piscina” is a beautiful beach and is one of the few beaches in the national parks, where you can even go swimming. Many other beaches are closed due to dangerous currents for swimming. Who wants to make a multi-day hike through the jungle, can take a guided tour to Ciudad Perdida.

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