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Tasiilaq, Greendland

by WCC on March 5, 2012

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Tasiilaq, also Ammassalik (often out of date: Angmagssalik or Angmassalik ) with a population of 1.996 inhabitants (2011) the largest town in eastern Greenland . Tasiilaq lies on a fjord is surrounded by the mountains of East Greenland and bisected by a river. The location of the fjord as a particularly quiet force also led to the name “Tasiilaq” which means “like a calm sea.”

tasiilaq Tasiilaq, Greendland


Until the “discovery” by the women’s boat expedition Gustav Holm in 1884 survived the Inuit in East Greenland in almost complete isolation in a few scattered villages. Their lifestyle and their hunting methods were still very underdeveloped, and it is believed that only about 400 residents were already on the brink of extinction. Famines, hunting accidents and natural disasters were the reasons. To promote the modernization of the region, put the Danish administration in 1894 as the central settlement of Tasiilaq. Despite entrained by Europeans diseases and alcohol problems, the population increased greatly in the sequel.

The connection to West Greenland was difficult only in 1961 was a political office in East Greenland Nuuk , and until 1974 was created in Tasiilaq, a helicopter airfield. Even today Tasiilaq is hardly linked to traffic-western Greenland, on the airfield at Kulusuk Tasiilaq is the easiest of Iceland reaching out. Tasiilaq isdespite its remote location, provided with basic infrastructure and institutions. Among other things, run a hospital and a school is located. Tourism and fishing are the main industries.

tasiilaq greenland Tasiilaq, Greendland

tasiilaq greenland

tasiilaq midnight Tasiilaq, Greendland

tasiilaq midnight

Until 2009, Tasiilaq capital of the independent community Ammassalik with a total of 3069 inhabitants (2007), in addition to the settlements Tasiilaq Ikkatteq , Isortoq , Kulusuk , Kuummiut , Sermiligaaq and Tiniteqilaaq included, all located within 80 kilometers of Tasiilaq. The name derives from the Ammassalik capelin ( Greenlandic Ammassak ), which occurs here very numerous, and represents the most important food source for centuries of the population. It is therefore represented in the coat of arms Ammassaliks.

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