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Tarragona, Spain

by WCC on June 13, 2012

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Tarragona is a city and municipality in southern Catalonia, Spain, capital of the province of Tarragona and the region of Tarragonés. During the medieval and modern, was the capital of Tarragona vegueria. The municipality has a population of 130,323 inhabitants (census of the INE to January 1, 2012). Its location at the edge of the Mediterranean on the Costa Dorada, with warm water beaches and recreation centers and historical tradition and artistic heritage, make it a tourist attraction of the first order. Its origin dates back to ancient Tarraco Roman, capital Tarraconensis Nearer Spain. The “Archaeological Ensemble of Tarraco” Tarragona has made ​​is considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

tarragona Tarragona, Spain


The Carnival of Tarragona dates from the holidays Saturnalia, Lupercalia and matronly celebrating the Romans. Carnival is celebrated continued during all periods of history, although it was banned at various times, the last of them was under Franco. Carnival is characteristic of Tarragona placing the boot on the town square that indicates the beginning and end (when burned all Ninots). Are also characteristic of the rúas Ninots i Reis (with their respective entourages), satires, the saraus, among many other elements. And at the end of the celebration the cream of Ninots and paraded burial of Cremallers i Ploraneres.

tarragona wallpaper Tarragona, Spain

tarragona wallpaper

tarragona streets Tarragona, Spain

tarragona streets

tarragona spain Tarragona, Spain

tarragona spain

tarragona city Tarragona, Spain

tarragona city

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