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by WCC on February 27, 2012

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Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. It lies on the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea, about 80 kilometers south of Helsinki. The name of Tallinn, the city has been contributing to the conquest by the Danish King Waldemar in 1219 in Estonia, is usually from “Taani-linn” (Danish city or Danish castle, in Latin: Castrum Danorum) are derived.

tallinn Tallinn


The origins of Reval go on a wooden castle (on the current Cathedral Hill) and a suspected Estonian commercial space back to the mid-11th Century were built. At the same time during this period the harbor was established in Tallinn. The name Tallinn comes from the Estonian names of her historic district, the center of the city, and was coined for the castle and the town only later by Danes and Germans (also estn. Rävälä, according to Henry of Latvia revele, after Waldemar Erdbuch Revælæ ).

Tallinn is home to the Consistory and the archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church and seat of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Administration of Estonia. The majority of Estonians is now nondenominational. Tallinn is the capital of the Republic of Estonia. In the city the have -President, the Government, the Parliament (Riigikogu), the Supreme Court (Riigikohus), the ministries and several embassies relocating.

tallinn modern Tallinn

tallinn modern

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tallinn europe

tallinn estonia Tallinn

tallinn estonia

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tallinn city

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