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by WCC on May 22, 2012

in Oceania

Tahiti , older name of Otaheite, King George Iceland , Isla de Amat or Sagittaria is an island in the South Pacific , the politics of French Polynesia is one. It has an area of 1,042 square kilometers and about 178 000 inhabitants. (As of August 2007) capital and largest city of the island is Papeete . Tahiti is in the time zone UTC-10 .

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Tahiti is one geographic region of the Society Islands ( French : Îles de la Societe ), more specifically to the Windward Islands ( French : Îles du Vent ). It is the largest and most populous island of the archipelago. Tahiti is a double island of Tahiti Nui (Great Tahiti) and the smaller and more sparsely populated Tahiti Iti (Little Tahiti), through the isthmus connected by Taravao.

The landscape is dominated by steep mountains, whose highest, the Mont Orohena Tahiti Nui, rises 2,241 m. The highest elevation on Tahiti Iti, Mont Ronui is 1332 meters. Rivers have carved deep valleys bounded by steep escarpments. The uninhabited island itself is densely overgrown with tropical vegetation and is accessible by dirt roads and footpaths in some places only. The settlements are located in the narrow coastal strip north and west of Tahiti’s most densely populated.

Contrary to popular belief, Tahiti is not surrounded by white beaches. The island has relatively few natural beaches, which consist mainly of black, basaltic sand and are distributed mainly along the west coast. The neat, white hotel beaches are usually created artificially.

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Tahiti Travel

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tahiti surf

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tahiti route

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Tahiti Island

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Tahiti Beach

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Tahiti Island 550x412 Tahiti

Tahiti Island

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