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The Citadel

Charleston South Carolina

by WCC on February 22, 2013

in North America

Charleston is a seaport city that is located in South Carolina. Having sustained very little property damage during the civil war, Charleston offers many historic sites to visit. The city is also unique in its aspect of having no tall buildings because of the height ordinance restriction in the city. The city is a popular destination for both local as well as domestic tourists.

Since the city of Charleston still has many of its historic landmarks, it is the primary attraction for tourists. Some of the more popular landmarks and museums include the battery and white point gardens, which feature

1680x1050 South Carolina Charleston South Carolina

elegant historic mansions, some of having been sold for twenty million dollars, Fort Sumter, which is an island site from the civil war and mostly in ruins, but with markers indicating where everything used to be, The Citadel,

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Historic Alanya Turkey

by WCC on February 10, 2013

in North America

Alanya, located on the South Coast in, is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. The city offers a large number of historical destinations for sightseeing as well as various land and water sporting activities.

Alanya has a lot of historical as well as archeological places to visit. The most popular one is The Citadel, which is located on a hilly Peninsula with the sea on three sides. Signs pointing to a castle can be seen indicating the highest points of the wall, even though its walls literally start at sea level.  The most interesting part about The Citadel, however, is the peninsula tip next to it named Adam Atacagi, which is formed by the extension of rocks

1920x1080 Alanya Turkey Historic Alanya Turkey

that jut into the sea. Other locations include the Red Tower, which is the citadel’s hexagonal tower; various caves which are accessible by boat trips; Sapadere Kanyonu, the Damlata Cave, which is near Kleopatra Bridge; and the Old Shipyard, which is near the Red Tower and was built by the Seljuqs in 1228.

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