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Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors, China

by WCC on March 6, 2012

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The Terracotta Warriors is an early grave Chinese investment in the year 210 BC , which for the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shǐhuángdì was built. It is one of the largest tombs in the world and well known for his figures of soldiers, the terracotta army .

terracotta warriors 550x481 Terracotta Warriors, China

terracotta warriors

The mausoleum is located about 36 kilometers northeast of Xi’an in central China at the Linma Street. Approximately 1,300 meters east of the plant flows Sha, a 84 kilometer long right tributary of the Weihe River (Wei He). The nearest urban settlement near the town of Lintong , which is slightly less than five and a half kilometers southwest away.The construction of the facility began immediately after the coronation of Qin Shǐhuángdì, ie in 221 BC and archaeologists speculate that more than 700,000 workers were involved in the establishment. [click to continue…]

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