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Taipei, Taiwan

by WCC on April 3, 2012

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Taipei common in the English spelling as Taipei It also reflects, is a metropolis on the River Danshui in the northern part of Taiwan and the capital of the Republic of China .Taipei is located in a basin at the confluence of the rivers Danshui, Xindian and Jilong (Keelung). While limiting the Danshui River and the Xindian River in Taipei, west and south, divides the Jilong River the center of the northern districts of Zhongshan and Neihu. In the north of the basin rise the mountains of Yangmingshan National Park , with the Qixing Shan as the highest elevation (1120 m). We will see the cherry blossom experience, butterflies, grassland and volcanic activity. In the south, take the Zoo, Zhinan temples and teahouses of Maokong Mountains to the visitors. Smaller mountains like the Xiang Shan range, up to the city center. Central Park is also the Da’an.

Taipei Night Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei Night


The town meeting of Taipei (Taipei City Council) was established as a meeting 1946th Since 1976, there is a municipality under the direct supervision of the government. The first town meeting was opened on 25 December 1969. The Council members are elected by direct vote. On 25 December 1998 took 52 Councillor their offices for the Ninth Council There are six electoral districts and a Aboriginalbezirk and consists of 23 KMT ( Kuomintang ), 19 DPP (Democratic Progressive Party, Democratic Progressive Party ) and nine New Party – members, all of which re-elected can be. The Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Council shall be elected by separate elections by the General Assembly. Both have each more than 50% of the vote. [click to continue…]

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Yushan, Taiwan

by WCC on March 8, 2012

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The Yu Shan is 3,952 m above sea level the highest mountain in Taiwan . It is located in central Taiwan at the intersection of the counties Nantou , Kaohsiung and Chiayi . About ten miles south of the summit runs the northern tropic .

yushan 550x412 Yushan, Taiwan


To the west of the mountain was called Mount Morrison after the captain of the freighter USS Alexander, W. Morrison, who the Yu Shan in 1857 first mentioned in writing. During the ongoing 1895-1945 Japanese rule over the island he was Niitakayama ( Japanese 新高山 , dt ‘new, high mountain “) called. With the words, ” climbs the mountain Niitaka “began Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto on 2 December 1941 , the attack on Pearl Harbor operation . [click to continue…]

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Travel Guide to Taiwan

January 24, 2012

Travel Guide to Taiwan – Taiwan calls itself ROC / Taiwan – so as Chin. Republic of Taiwan. The losing party civil war between the Communists led by Mao and the Kuomintang retreated in 1949, upstream on the island. The island lies outside the Chinese mainland in the Pacific. Until 1987, Taiwan was on the […]

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