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Quime Bolivia

Quime – Bolivia

by WCC on May 11, 2012

in South America

Quime is a country town in the department of La Paz in the South American Andean country Bolivia. Quime is a central point in that region ( Bolivian : Municipio ) Quime in the province Inquisivi and lies at an altitude of 3023 m on the right bank of the Río Khalu . The Rio Khalu rises in the 15 km west of Cordillera located Quime Quimsa Cruz and flows to the provincial capital Inquisivi over the Río Sacambaya and on into the Bolivian lowlands to the Rio Beni.

Quime Bolivia Quime   Bolivia

Quime Bolivia

The municipality is Inquisivi at an average altitude of 2800 m on the eastern slopes of the Cordillera Quimsa Cruz , between the Bolivian Altiplano to the west and the Amazonian lowlands to the east. The region has a pronounced diurnal climate to fail when the daily temperature fluctuations than the seasonal fluctuations. The mean average temperature of the region is 10.5 ° C (see climate chart Quime), the monthly average temperatures vary between 7 ° C in June/July and close to 13 ° C in November / December. The annual rainfall is about 600 mm from May to August there is a dry season with monthly rainfall below 15 mm falling in the months of January and February in the long term average 120-130 mm of rain. [click to continue…]

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