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Bohol, Philippines

by WCC on May 3, 2012

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Bohol is an island province in the Philippines with the capital Tagbilaran and has 1,255,128 inhabitants (as of 1 May 2010). It is the tenth largest island of the archipelago and is located in the center of the island group Visayas .

Bohol 550x412 Bohol, Philippines


Bohol is an island province (area 4117 km ²) in the Visayas , which together with the other two groups of Luzon in the north and Mindanao in the south, the island nation of the Philippines is. It lies southeast of Cebu , southwest of the island of Leyte and to the north of Mindanao . The Visayas is divided into three regions, Western Visayas , Central Visayas and Eastern Visayas . Bohol is one of the Central Visayas (Region VII). [click to continue…]

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Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

by WCC on May 3, 2012

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Sagada is a Philippine municipality in the province of Mountain Province . The town lies in a valley at an altitude of about 1600 m. According to the census of 2000 it had 10 575 inhabitants in 2158 ² households and covers an area of 83.3 km. 1995 95% of the population belonged to the tribe of Kankana-ey, of the Igorot counts.

Sagada Waterfalls Philippines 550x412 Sagada, Mountain Province,  Philippines

Sagada Waterfalls Philippines

Almost every household cultivates a small plot of land: rice, corn, vegetables and fruits and keeps a few pigs, and for the conduct of rituals. There are also “sari-sari stores”, grocery stores, to weaving, guest houses, restaurants and cafes. Tourism is increasingly characterizes the city. [click to continue…]

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Coron, Palawan, Philippines

May 2, 2012

Coron is a Philippine municipality in the province of Palawan . According to the census of 1 May 2000 it has 32 ​​243 residents in 6264 households. The Municipality of Coron is a part of the island of Busuanga and all the nearby island of Coron . Both islands are part of the Calamian group of […]

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Puerto Princesa, Philippines

May 1, 2012

Puerto Princesa is the capital of the Philippine province of Palawan . The area of the Highly Urbanized City is in the middle of the island of Palawan and extends over its entire width. It is bordered by the municipalities of San Vicente and Roxas , and in the south of Aborlan limited. The actual […]

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Makati City, Philippines

April 26, 2012

Manila is a city in the Philippines . It is located in the center of the capital region Metro Manila and has 510 383 inhabitants (2007). Makati is considered the economic and financial center in the Philippines. In addition to the two Philippine stock exchanges Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and Philippine Dealing Exchange (PDEx) here […]

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Baguio, Philippines

April 25, 2012

Baguio City ( Ilokano : Ciudad ti Baguio , Filipino : Lungsod ng Baguio ) is a town in the north of the main Philippine island of Luzon . It lies 1500 meters above sea level in the Philippine Cordilleras , and was due to the associated colder temperatures in the 1910-1975 summer capital of […]

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