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Marina Bay

Marina Bay Singapore

by WCC on January 18, 2012

in Asia

Marina Bay is a bay formed at the mouth of the Singapore River . Marina Bay is the historic heart of Singapore . It is at the mouth of the river that previously performed the docking of junks and unloading of goods. This port activity has enabled the development of the city in the nineteenth century.

marina bay Marina Bay Singapore

marina bay

Recent developments have led him to close the bay by land reclamation , and installation of a dam has transformed the bay, past sea in body of fresh water. This has allowed the extension of the business district, residential areas and the construction of a hotel and casino.The perimeter of the bay has an important part of economic activity in Singapore luxury hotels, casinos, business center, theater and concert, Formula 1 circuit, golf, and the buildings of the historic district. The whole site has become emblematic of Singapore, including the Merlion and the towers Marina Bay Sands . [click to continue…]

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