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Little Known Langkawi Malaysia

by WCC on March 5, 2013

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Langkawi, located about thirty kilometers off the coast of northwestern Malaysia, contains a chain of ninety nine islands in the Andaman Sea, five of which appear temporarily during the low tide. The influence of Thai culture and food can be seen in the city from the brief period that it was under Japanese occupation during World War II. Kuah is the Langkawi’s capital as well as its largest town, whereas the largest island in Langkawi is Pulau Langkawi.

2592x1944 Langkawi Sky View Bridge Little Known Langkawi Malaysia

Langkawi features various attractions for various types of tourists including Telaga Tuju Waterfalls, also known as Seven Wells, which gets its name from the seven natural pools that run along its path. Tourists can slide down

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Sepang Circuit, Malaysia

by WCC on June 13, 2012

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Sepang is a town and district in the south of the state of Selangor in Malaysia Malay on the peninsula. The district capital is Salak Tinggi , Sepang, a part of the city.On 59 966 ha are about 75,000 people (1991 census). Forecasts, in conjunction with the Multimedia Super Corridor , are predicting for 2020 a population size of two million people.

Sepang 550x412 Sepang Circuit, Malaysia


The Sepang district is a part (southern end) of the Multimedia Super Corridor , a special economic zone. Therefore, there are the high-tech city of Cyberjaya , the motor racing circuit at Sepang International Circuit and the 10 square kilometers large, international airport in the capital Kuala Lumpur . [click to continue…]

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Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia

May 10, 2012

The Kuala Lumpur International Airport (abbreviation: KLIA) is the largest Malaysian airport . He was born on 27th June 1998 , it is situated in Sepang district of the Malaysian state of Selangor , 44 km south of the capital Kuala Lumpur . The airport serves the Malaysian Airlines Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia as […]

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Shah Alam Stadium, Malaysia

May 5, 2012

The Shah Alam Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium with track and field facilities in the eastern city of Shah Alam in Malaysia . The arena is owned by the city of Shah Alam and is currently offering 69 372 seats. It can be converted into some seat-standing, which then increases the capacity to 80,000 seats. […]

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National Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Malaysia

May 4, 2012

The Bukit Jalil National Stadium ( Malaysian Bukit Jalil Stadium Nasional ) is a multi-purpose stadium in the National Sports Complex south of Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . The stadium was 1994-1998 for the Commonwealth Games and was built as the venue for the Southeast Asia Games in 2001 . It offers 100 200 spectator […]

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Tioman Island, Malaysia

May 3, 2012

Tioman ( Malay : Pulau Tioman ) is a Malaysian island in the South China Sea . It lies about 50 km east from the mainland of the Malay Peninsula . There are several villages on Tioman, which consist mostly of small, simple cabins for tourists and just across the water or hiking trails are […]

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