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Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge

Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge, China

by WCC on March 13, 2012

in Asia

The bridge Chengyang also called the Bridge of the wind and rain Chengyang.The bridge is located in a region populated by ethnic Dong , each village has its own deck of wind and rain ( Feng Qiao Yǔ in pinyin ). These are monuments and topped with turrets painted pagoda-shaped. Their function is primarily to celebrate the spirit supposed to live there and incidentally to cross a river.

Chengyang Wind Rain Bridge 550x412 Chengyang Wind Rain Bridge, China

Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge

The bridge is sometimes called Chengyang Yongji Bridge (in traditional sinogram:永济桥in sinograms simplified:永济桥, pinyin: Ji Qiao Yǒng) or bridge Panlong (in traditional sinogram:盘龙桥in sinograms simplified :盘龙桥, pinyin: Pan Long Qiao). It crosses the river in the village of Linxi Ma’an. Built of wood in five stacks of stone, was completed in 1916 . Each stack is topped by a tower to the appearance of pagoda . [click to continue…]

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