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Buenos Aires

Amazing Buenos Aires

by WCC on February 11, 2013

in South America

Buenos Aires, capital of the Argentine republic, is derived from Spanish meaning fair winds. Being one of the largest cities in Latin America, it is rich in culture as well as a departure point to travel to the rest of the country.

Buenos Aires offers a large number of activities to tourists, including restaurants and pubs, cultural events and a frenzied nightlife. The interesting mix of a cosmopolitan metropolis city along with equally downtrodden areasadds to the appeal of the city. It is a place where you would find grand parks, designer boutiques, a thriving cultural scene and a ritzy neighborhood, in between overflowing buses and unkempt streets that are bustling

1680x1050 Buenos Aires Sunset Amazing Buenos Aires

with fervor. The communities in the city are extremely diverse, with fun open air markets as well as beautiful colonial architecture, making up the true classic essence of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires offers tourists and inhabitants a number of activities, the most popular being the Tango, where flirtatious looks are as good as an offer for a dance. The locals are always willing and eager to teach the dance to anyone who wishes to learn. Tourists can also spend a night transported back in time, pretending to be a real Argentine cowboy, eating and dancing like they used to by going to the Gaucho party. They can join the food tours

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Buenos Aires – Argentina

by WCC on April 25, 2012

in South America

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and the administrative, economic and cultural center of the country. The town itself has 2.7 million inhabitants, the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires , however, with almost 12 million one of the largest in South America. The town lies on the Rio de la Plata the rivers ParanĂ¡ and Uruguay River to the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of Argentina.

Buenos Aires Buenos Aires   Argentina

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s “water head”, a metropolis that is in every respect the center of the country. More than a quarter of the country’s population live in its catchment area. But despite its monstrous size, the center where all the major sights, the manageable size and also quiet corners, where life goes a step slow on its own. The cultural offer is good and on an international level. The city seems at first glance, very European, which is located on the influence of immigrants from Italy, Spain, Germany and France, which derives a large proportion of the population. In particular, one feels the flashy Neobarockarchitektur often reminiscent of Paris. To learn about the Latin American identity of Buenos Aires, you have to let a few days time. [click to continue…]

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